Turner Sports Goes All-in On PGA Championship Coverage


The 95th PGA Championship is being held at the Oak Hill Country Club’s East Course in Rochester, N.Y. and if you cannot catch any (or all) of TNT’s 18 hours of broadcast coverage there are other options that will enable you to stay abreast of the tournament.

Turner Sports is seeking to provide one of the broadest multimedia sports presentations possible with its coverage of the PGA Championship starting tomorrow, the 23rd consecutive year that the network has covered the event.

There is first off PGA.Com, an online site that provides users with a variety of features about the event but possibly the most important for remote fans is that it provides live streaming via PGA Championship Live. It is designed for not only PC users but also available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Among the features available from the app are a 360-degree camera that provides a panoramic view of the course and it has the ability to allow users to move the camera to get a view that matches their desire (aside from being there live). Fans can also look for highlights via its Video Highlight Hub so that they can witness all of the top moments and will allow fans to search and browse by player, round, hole or top moment from the 2013 PGA Championship.

For desktop users there is also a function that provides bird’s eye view of the interaction between players with an enhanced leaderboard that not only provides scores and highlights but also players interaction with each other around each hole

For mobile users there are also some specific features available as Turner has expanded its app from last year and added Android support in addition to the existing iOS features, although they offer slightly different features. For iOS users the user news, video alerts, detailed leaderboard and scorecards and access to live video streaming. The mobile web site will also offer live video, score updates and other news.


Turner is not forgetting social media and has a number of new, improved or returning features. In the new category s Twitter Mirror showing shots and comments from players that fans can view @PGA.Com. Twitter will also be showing video highlights at the Twitter address and fans can participate in join a chat site that will include journalists and players at #PGAChamp.

Turner is also offering a variety of extras such as Predict It, an interactive tournament prediction feature and “PGA Championship Pick the Hole Location Challenge Hosted by Jack Nicklaus” that will enable fans to select the location of the famous Par 3 on the 15th hole.

NBA Fans Leap onto Digital Bandwagon with Soaring Viewership


As we mentioned a few weeks ago the NBA has moved to provide access to its playoffs to a wide variety of platforms including iOS mobile devices, PCs and Kindles. The results are now in and it has resulted in record setting traffic.

The push was done by NBA Digital, a group that is jointly managed by the league and Turner Sports and resulted in the just concluded NBA Championship series having an all time cross platform consumption for the league across its properties that include NBA TV, NBA.com, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband, NBA Mobile, NBADLEAGUE.com, and WNBA.com.
The NBA Mobile had huge increases in page views and video streams with more than 138 million page views, up 91% vs. 2012. There were a total of 4.5 million video streams during the 2013 NBA Finals, which represented a 126% increase over last year. The mobile app that is published by the league, NBA Game Time, had a 110% download increase compared to last years’ finals numbers.

NBA TV’s NBA GameTime experienced all time viewership as well with an average of 128,000 total viewers for both shows, numbers that represent a 28% increase compared with last year.

Hopefully this is a trend for the future among all sports. MLB has embraced mobile access for years while the NFL seems stuck with an older, much less encompassing model. As users continue to cut off cable and broadcast television and rely on Amazon Prime, Netflix and others for much of their viewing options, new methods to gram fans will be needed in the future.

NCAA.Com Provides 2013 College World Series App


If you are fan of college baseball, baseball in general or a school that made the College World Series then the NCAA has an app for you that will help you stay abreast of what is going on, what has happened and when things will be happening.

The 2013 NCAA Men’s College World Series will run from June 15 through either the 25th or 26th depending on results and will take place in Omaha. SO chances are that you might not have factored that into your summer vacation plans, but if you did not, or if you are attending the app has plenty for all.

The NCAA Men’s College World Series app is free and there are versions for iPhone, iPod touch as well as select Android devices. While the app provides a host of information on the tournament as well as an interactive map of the tournament site and a visitors guide to the city of Omaha.

Among the features the app includes are a daily event schedule with times, locations, directions/maps and lists of all the tournament’s festivities, live scores of all games and general information about the tournament and site.

Other features include real-time game highlights, post game post-game photo galleries, press conferences and editorial content about the tournament.

It seems that the NCAA is moving more into the mobile world every year. Earlier this year it featured an app for March Madness and had huge numbers in terms of viewership. It is unlikely that the baseball one will reach that level for a variety of reasons but increasingly the league is developing alternatives for fans that are on the go. As with the March Madness app the NCAA.com worked with Turner Sports on the program.

Beyond the Box App Seeks to Provide Customized Sports News


Sports fans always seem to have dozens of apps dedicated to specific areas of sports that they are interested in. Apps that provide baseball broadcasts or NFL draft information are two examples and now Beyond the Box is seeking to break into that field as a sports news aggregator.

One of the knocks that some of the news services have is that they provide old news, unless you are hooked into the latest twitter feed you might be reading something that is outdated and now not relevant.

The app, designed for iPad and iPad Mini tablets promises to bring together real time, up to date news from 1,000 media sources. It also taps into 2,000 players to provide not just news but also commentary, analysis, insights, rumors, video and photos of sports figures and events.

The app enables fans to customize it according to their tastes allowing them to select teams or players to follow. It presents the news and other information in a timeline format that enables you to get either the most up to date information or pick a point at which you want to start tracing a select piece of information.

Beyond the Box is also being positioned as a perfect second screen for fans that are already watching an event and are looking for additional information, commentary or images regarding that event, or possibly on one that they are not/cannot view at the same time. It also has a Facebook, blog and twitter presence.

As the company notes it is trying to be a one stop shop for fans, but there are a number of others that also seek to provide the same type of service, from other fresh startups such as Recapp to some of the more established players in the broadcast market such as ESPN and Turner Networks’ Bleacher Report. Then of course there are specialty apps that seek to provide news for a specific sport such as Bantr for soccer.

The Beyond the Box app is from Murphy Ave. Inc. in Palo Alto, Calif. and has its roots in a program out of Stanford University called StartX Accelerator program that is designed to help new startups by exposing them to successful startup founders and an educational program that will help them succeed.

NBA Playoffs: Available in Live TV, Mobile and Online


The NBA Playoffs are around the corner and an onslaught of information and games are out there waiting for you, and the NBA along with its digital partners has organized it so that users can watch live games, catch highlights online and get full information while mobile.

The push is being orchestrated by NBA Digital, and if the name does not mean that much to you, you are are still likely to know a number of the components that make up that entity which include NBA TV, NBA.com, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband, NBA Mobile, NBADLEAGUE.com, and WNBA.com. It is jointly managed by the NBA and Turner Sports.

First up is NBA TV which will be broadcasting approximately 1,500 hours of game coverage and will offer the possibility of multi-screen coverage and as many as nine first round games as well as pre- and post-game programming. The network’s live game telecasts will tip off with the Miami Heat hosting the Milwaukee Bucks (first round, Game 2) on Tuesday, April 23, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

However it should be noted that not all of the games will be on NBA TV, and if you are looking for additional information about games you have watched and others that were played that you did not see then the NBA’s web site, NBA.Com, is the place to look as it will serve as a centralized point for all playoff information including both live video coverage and video highlights.

Among the many offerings at the site a key feature will is the ability to see live games and overtime on TNT Overtime, which also includes some unique camera angles for a different view of the game. For social media fans there is also a section called Social Spotlight where you can track and contribute tweets, photos and other media.

The mobile users have a great deal of access to all of the NBA.Com features as well as ones tailored for mobile platforms. The app, NBA Game Time, is available for both Android and Apple iOS users and provides a bracket view, series dashboards, live scoring, and game alerts, among other features. A version for iPad users, NBA Game Time Sponsored by State Farm also offers synchronized video, scores and updates delivered in real-time.

March Madness Ended Like it Started for Mobile Users: Strongly


The mobile and online viewing market for the most recent MCAA Division 1 basketball tournament ended just like it started, setting records for viewership and total amount of live game video streamed to fans.

The tournament was a huge televised hit, with the final between Louisville and Michigan garnering a an average 23.4 million viewers, up 12% from last year and a 19 year high, the online virewership was also record setting.

The overall mobile and online viewership hit 49 million live video streams, an increase of 168% from last year with more than 14 million hours of live video consumed by the fans. Both of these numbers set new records.

Not surprisingly the mobile space, with the strong growth of tablets in the last year and the powerful presence of smartphones, saw very strong growth for the tournament. Minutes were up 309% for mobile phones and 194% for tablet users.

PC users still represent a strong viewing group with broadband users represented 5.8 million unique visitors who watched games from their systems and they averaged 105 minutes of live video watched per user while mobile users averaged 70 minutes.

Social media users were also out in force, with the National Championship game netting a total of 3.5 million comments across all social media monitored, up 144% from last year. For the tournament as a whole there were 16.3 million comments, up 112% from last year.

The top ranked games across digital platforms during the 2013 NCAA Tournament, based on live video streams. Interesting to note that the final was not the top game

Valparaiso vs. Michigan State – 1,844,000
Bucknell vs. Butler – 1,784,000
Mississippi vs. Wisconsin – 1,778,000
Michigan vs. Louisville – 1,620,000
Albany vs. Duke – 1,488,000