Favourit Bets App Draws Bettors to Gambling Platform


Favourit, a newly launched App from a pair of brothers in Melbourne Australia is reaching out to sports gamblers with an app that both brings together gamblers and sites to take the bets and friends that want to compete together using social media.

Founded in 2012 by brothers Toby and Josh Simmons, Favourit is touting itself as the Social sports betting network it has already attracted $3.6 million in Series A venture funding, a move that alone will help give it a boost over many rivals that are bootstrapping their way to market.

The concept is simple. Fans can gamble real money, where allowed, or virtual currency. The site sets fans up with betting operators for the real thing and with friends via social media for the all important bragging rights, and real betting as well if so desired.

It is designed as a global program, and while it covers some sports that Americans might not have a sporting interest in such as Australian Football League it covers a range of ones that might have a more direct appeal such as the NBA or the NFL.

While it has been available as a Web app and in HTML form for mobile users, studies have shown that increasingly smartphone and tablet users much prefer apps designed specifically for those platforms and that s what the company has done, creating a version that is currently downloadable for free from Apple’s iTunes store and that will run on Apple iOS devices.

Favourit includes real time virtual betting, as well as real betting via regulated partners and player to player bets. It includes stats, previews and live scores of events and has a social stream so that betters can chat and receive up to date news. You can also follow all of your bets and see social trends in betting and has a board that ranks bettors in terms of complexity and allows users to earn “BetIQ” points.

There have been plenty of apps that have sought to leverage the connection between social media and betting, and plenty that have focused just on the betting aspect of the equation. Apps such as 2Bet2, SideBet and others are already participating at some level and its been pretty clear that others are dying to get involved. A hold back, at least in the US, is that it is illegal to bet online. However that may be changing and other countries have already allowed it, as is obvious from what Favourit is doing.

I wonder if the push that the state of New Jersey is having about sports gambling will help open the door to more gambling in the US, particularly online? I guess only time will tell, but in terms of a head start for actual gambling, off shore sites like Favourit have a real advantage

Guest Blog: Pickmoto Tracks the ESPN NFL Experts

Editor’s note: This blog is a series from Pickmoto, a fantasy sports mobile app.


As you might expect in a week in which Favorites nearly ran the table, the ESPNers shined. None were as perfect as 33 Pickmotoers, but Golic, Jaws, Schlereth, and Carter came close, only whiffing on the Rams. And Hoge, Mort, Wickersham, Jackson, and Ditka were right behind with 1 wrong pick on top of the Rams. Even Allen went 10-3 and gained a point.

Schefter and Johnson were the only two who lost ground. But they were also the only two who picked the underdog Panthers, a near hit, which would have been enough to flip their Week 11 fortunes to positive.

Naturally, we feel compelled to claw back some of the credit we just dispensed. Besides the Panthers, the morning games nearly gave us 4 other big upsets. The Jags, Browns, and Lions were all winning heading into the 4th Quarter and the Cardinals were tied. Not one ESPNer picked any of them. Ultimately, they were right, but what turned out to be a stellar week almost fell apart early Sunday. Considering what heavy underdogs they were, we actually would have respected wrong picks more.

Finally, glad to hear that Ditka is doing better.

ESPN Experts Leaderboard – Week 11
-Everyone starts with 300 points.

+Seth Wickersham – 694
+Chris Mortensen – 616
+Merrill Hoge – 340
Adam Schefter – 319
+Ron Jaworski – 310
Keyshawn Johnson – 275
+Mike Golic – 263
+Mark Schlereth – 249
+Cris Carter – 223
+Mike Ditka – 175
+Tom Jackson – 145
+Eric Allen – 84

Pickmoto is fun, quick, easy competition. It recreates the fantasy sports experience on mobile. Its first game for the 2012 NFL season is free for iPhone and iPad. Its second game for the NBA season just hit the AppStore.

Pickmoto asks the most basic question in sports – which teams will win. It’s pick’em with a twist: there’s a crowdsourced scoring system that rewards correct picks based on their popularity – the less popular, the more points.

Guest Blog: Pickmoto Rates the ESPN Pickers and Finds them… Average

(Editor’s note: This is a guest blog from the folks at Pickmoto, a fantasy sports mobile app.)

Football studio shows are fans’ ambient noise, like waves crashing or birds chirping … only the waves are a typhoon and the birds are tucans with megaphones. The analysts talk as if they know how you watch them – getting ready in the morning, eating, before you fall asleep. If they speak with less than complete force, we won’t pay attention.

At Pickmoto, we’re trying to figure out who we should tune in to and who we can put on mental mute. ESPN publishes a dozen “Experts” picks every week. We created a fake user for each Expert and entered all of their picks through 6 weeks. Of course, these guys don’t know they are playing Pickmoto. So their picks deserve some slack for being out of context.

But not much slack according to their Week 6 performance. Mort was the only one who cracked .500 and saw his Pickmoto score go up. (Editor’s note: See the Pickmoto FAQ for explanation of the scoring.)

The odd thing is it was not a crazy week. Sure there were upsets. But there weren’t any shockers. The Titans over the Steelers qualifies on paper – 85% on Pickmoto took the Steelers. But considering how lackluster Pittsburg has looked, you’d think at least one “Expert” would have foresaw struggles on the road in primetime.

And that’s the point. The “Experts” offer evidently little insight. Their picks are nearly uniform and uniformly boring. Removing Mort from the equation, the other 11 unanimously or just short of unanimously picked the Steelers, Falcons, Eagles, Bucs, Ravens, Cardinals, Patriots, and 49ers. Those teams were 3-4.  

No NFL game is a no-brainer. Last week we might have conceded that Raiders-Falcons was an exception. But the Silver and Black were one horrible Carson Palmer interception return for a TD away from taking a lead with 2 minutes to go.

Yes, hindsight is 20/20. And yes, these guys undoubtedly know way way WAY more football than we do. But it’s still frustrating when we see them day after day, segment after segment yammering on about blitz packages, injuries to the secondary, and trick Tebow plays. Their picks demonstrate a lack of recognition of the strongest, most consistent, most important force in all of football: PARITY.

ESPN Pickmoto Standings Thru Week 6
Chris Mortensen – 582
Seth Wickersham – 535
Keyshawn Johnson – 352
Adam Schefter – 337
Ron Jaworski – 230
Merrill Hoge – 225
Cris Carter – 206
Eric Allen – 205
Mark Schlereth – 166
Mike Golic – 153
Mike Ditka – 138
Tom Jackson – 120


Pickmoto (www.pickmoto.com) is recreating the fantasy sports experience on mobile. Its first app for the 2012 NFL season is free for iPhone and iPad. Pickmoto asks the most basic question in sports – which teams will win. There is a crowdsourced scoring system that rewards correct picks based on their popularity – the less popular, the more points. The basketball app will be out at the end of October and a College Bowl app will be available in December.

SideBets Adds Facebook, Twitter Integration to Mobile Social Betting App

Screen shot of the SideBets app. Credit: SideBets

The year-old SideBets mobile sports betting app has added functionality that allows users to send messages about their successful wagers to Facebook and Twitter, according to company executives.

Announced today, the new version of SideBets also supports the creation of betting “groups” and the ability to send a single bet to a group of friends, with a “first accept” feature allowing the first respondent to accept the wager. If you’ve not used SideBets before the app has virtual “SideBet Dollars” that act as a counter for your friendly wagers. The app also supports several betting games, which users can play with friends who also have the app.

According to Jon Goldstein, one of the three founders of SideBet’s parent company, the Detroit-based Blue Ox Entertainment, the SideBets app now has 5,000 active users among the 15,000 or so who have downloaded it since its debut last September. The new features, Goldstein said, are meant to enhance the main “utility” of the app, which he sees as its own type of social network, like Twitter or Facebook.

“Real gambling is not social,” Goldstein notes, pointing out that bets with casinos or bookies aren’t friendly interactions and may not be something you want to talk about, even if you win. But betting with friends, he said, is inherently social, and could eventually become a business.

While SideBets does charge a small amount of money for virtual cash (approximately $1 for each $100 in SideBets Dollars) there is no way to cash in winnings for real money, a factor that keeps the SideBets game relatively free of legal entanglements. Like other social betting apps, such as PickMoto and GrabFan, SideBets is betting on winning users by making it easy for them to find detailed information like games, point spreads and other information, while also keeping track of all betting activity.

But the jury is still out on whether SideBets or any of the other sports betting apps out there will win a big number of users, especially with the specter of legalized mobile betting hanging somewhere in the future. Right now, Goldstein sees the mobile sports betting market as a field in true infancy, with no real successful model to follow.

“Eventually there will be a tipping point [of a successful model] but nobody really knows how to do this yet,” Goldstein said.

Pickmoto Moves NFL app to iPad, Preps for NBA Season

Pickmoto, a startup app developer seeking to firmly establish itself in the growing market for social betting has expanded its offerings by adding a version for the iPad. Currently the app runs on iPhones, with an Android version “coming soon.”

The latest move is a welcomed one because while the app works well on a smartphone, a tablet simply provides additional viewing space and so makes that app easier to view and simpler to use.

The game follows the same procedure as with a smartphone including picking winners with no spread, playing friends one on one, or random opponents. You can win trophies, climb a leaderboard and play in preseason, regular and post season as well.

The company is moving pretty fast for one that was just established earlier this year and it already has its sights set on expanding to additional sports. With hockey an obvious no-no due to the lockout it has targeted the National Basketball Association and said that it expects that it expects to have a sports betting app out for the NBA by the opening regular season tip-off.

Station Casinos Readying Mobile Betting App… for Nevada

Legalized sports gambling on mobile devices — one of those Holy Grail ideas for the mobile sports business — is going to get another lift soon when Station Casinos LLC brings its mobile betting app to full release later this fall.

According to a report by Chris Sieroty in the Las Vegas Journal-Review Tuesday, Station Casinos is in field trials for its mobile betting app, called Sports Connection Mobile, which will allow users to place all kinds of sports bets through Station Casinos from any location inside the state of Nevada. According to the LVR-J report, Station execs had previously announced plans to launch the mobile app by Oct. 31 of this year.

Station, which already has a system that lets gamblers place bets over an Internet connection or via phone in the Las Vegas area, is already letting people sign up for the mobile version on the Sports Connection website. The site also has news and updates for a wide range of sports, ostensibly to let bettors brush up on the sports they plan to wager on.

Online or mobile betting has always been an idea that gives the gaming industry excitement and pause, since it has both the potential to open up new streams of revenue but it also has the potential to decrease casino traffic by making it easier for folks to stay home and wager. But just like sports leagues who are putting more content online, gambling concerns are all exploring ways to tap into the unquestionable desire people have to wager on sports. As reported previously by Mobile Sports Report, Cantor Gaming is already taking bets on mobile devices and Leroy’s Sports Books have also had mobile app betting.

The LVR-J story has a good amount of details about Station Casino’s plans, including a relationship with Sprint Nextel that will give app users a 10 percent discount on their monthly wireless bill. Station, which operates 17 casinos in southern Nevada, including several in Las Vegas proper, has been sending direct-mail promotions announcing the forthcoming app to its gambling club members. Among the enticements is a $100 first-time credit for using the app. The LVR-J story says the app will initally be available for iPhones and Android phones and tablets, with versions for iPads and perhaps BlackBerry devices to follow.

One interesting part of any mobile betting app is the necessity to ensure that users are geographically within Nevada’s borders, where gambling is legal, while they use their mobile device to wager. While we haven’t yet delved into the technology that makes this happen or the regulatory safeguards keeping it in check, MSR feels confident that the near term future will include stories about how clever phone-programmer types found a way to defeat the geographical limitations. To be sure, apps that let you bet real money are likely to explode in popularity when they become available, so this is a news category we will be following closely as it grows. Let us know in the comments or via email if you’ve had a mobile betting experience in the U.S., or if your company is developing an app or a device for this space.