Fox Sports Go will live-stream Seahawks-Saints and Niners-Panthers this weekend; CBS will live-stream Patriots-Colts, Broncos-Chargers

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 9.52.57 AMIf you’re a customer of a participating provider for Fox Sports Go, you can watch this weekend’s NFC playoff games either on the Web or on an Apple iPad using the Fox Sports Go website or mobile app. Here at Mobile Sports Report we love this kind of flexibility, since it lets us watch games on the big desktop PC screen if and when other family members want to use the main TV to watch Harry Potter movies. The Fox Sports Go website address is, and the list of participating providers includes AT&T U-Verse, Comcast Xfinity, Suddenlink, Optimum, Midcontinent Communications, and Wow!.

CBS will also live-stream its coverage of the AFC divisional games this weekend, starting with the Colts-Patriots game at 8:15 p.m. ET on Saturday followed by the Broncos-Chargers game Sunday at about 4:40 p.m. Sunday. The games can be watched online at’s NFL page, or via the CBSSports app, which I believe gets around the Verizon phone-ban by just showing the games via a web page. I did see a little disclaimer that says live streaming is only available via iOS devices. Someone out there give it a shot (I have an Android phone) and let us know if it works on an iPhone. You do not need to subscribe to any TV service to see the CBS live streams.

For Fox, Saturday’s Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints game (4:30 p.m. ET start) and Sunday’s San Francisco 49ers vs. Carolina Panthers tilt (1 p.m. ET start) will both be live streamed, according to a Fox news release. To see the stream you need to validate your pay-TV subscription, and once that’s done you can watch all the other Fox games. The Super Bowl, which Fox is broadcasting this year, will not require a cable subscription.

Though the Fox Sports Go app is available for both the iPad and the iPhone, the Fox news release very specifically notes that the game is available only for the tablet version of the app. We are guessing here but we suspect that Verizon’s deal with the league for its NFL Mobile app — the only app for smartphone live NFL action — precludes Fox’s ability to offer live streaming to a phone-type device. All playoff games this weekend, including the AFC games on CBS (according to my phone), will also be available to NFL Mobile subscribers. NFL Mobile requires a Verizon 4G LTE phone and a $5 per month NFL Mobile subscription.

Someday, the league will get all these rights simplified. But not this weekend.


  1. I was really excited to watch the Patriots game on my Ipad, but there is no live streaming option for the CBS Sports App, and watching the stream through the browser is pretty choppy/SD/horrible.

    From the CBS Sports App store description:

    watch live sporting events such as SEC football games (Sept-Dec), NCAA basketball (January-April), PGA TOUR (May-August), and shows (Jim Rome, Tim Brando, Fantasy Football Today, Fantasy Baseball Today).

    No mention of NFL playoffs.

  2. I think the watching it live in a browser is the only way they get around the mobile-device rights. I’ve never had good luck with the CBS app.

  3. From the press release they sent us the wording is, “Live streams of CBS Sports’ AFC playoff games will be available to fans on laptops, desktops and tablets at here: .” No mention of app.

  4. Paul –

    Thanks for the clarification – the browser stream eventually ironed itself out on the ipad.

  5. In case you are (like I am) watching the Fox stream and Twitter at the same time, be aware that the Fox stream seems about 5-10 seconds behind live action. Not sure why this is so but it seems to be a plague of online streams.

  6. I do not have a cable subscription and liked having the CBS availability of the playoff game, for free! Now that Fox has the other playoff game, I cannot watch for free…Lame! I still will not shell out 50+ dollars per month for something offered online for free from most of the broadcasters. Just another reason Fox Sports suck. Thanks for letting me see the SuperBowl for free.

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