Verizon: Still no data charges for live NFL streaming via NFL Mobile app

There’s less fanfare around the decision this year (and no official press release we can find) but according to Verizon for the 2017 NFL season the wireless carrier will continue its plan from last year and won’t charge its metered-plan customers for data used while watching live NFL games via the NFL Mobile app. Free online slot games are the perfect place to start playing –

UPDATE, Nov. 4: Please see this post with a Verizon response to NFL Mobile billing issues.

As we noted last year, some of the most-read stories in Mobile Sports Report history have been posts wondering about how much data customers might use watching a live football game on their phones. The answer now, for many Verizon customers, is easy: It’s still zero. You will still need to pay $1.99 a month again this fall to watch RedZone on your phone via NFL Mobile, but watching the live local and national-broadcast games (like Sunday night games and Monday Night Football) won’t chew up any of the gigabytes in your data plan. That is, if you have a data plan.

Where it may get tricky — and NFL Mobile and Verizon have a history of things not going quite as planned — is when it comes to customers on Verizon’s new “unlimited” plans. The first reply we got from our Verizon contact said, “Customers with metered plans will also enjoy games data free.”

But what about unlimited customers, we asked. Would NFL Mobile live-action data still be charged to them? This matters somewhat because the plans aren’t truly unlimited — some slowdowns to service can occur if you use more than 22 GB of data during a billing cycle. So it’s unclear to us what will happen if “unlimited” NFL Mobile users go past that number by say, watching every game possible over a cellular connection.

Does that mean that NFL Mobile junkies might actually do better with a metered plan than an unlimited plan? We have no clue. Here is the clarified second response to that question when we posed it to a Verizon spokesperson, so see if it makes sense to you:

Regarding unlimited; most of the time you’ll enjoy the same network experience after your line exceeds 22 GB during a billing cycle. If you exceed 22 GB…and you’re on a cell site that’s congested at that time, it may affect your streaming.

This may be just a small-potatoes quibble, but readers please let us know if things aren’t as free as they should be. What is helpful to know is this fact from the Verizon spokesperson: “Data usage from NFL Mobile may accrue real time when watching, but will be removed afterward in 24-48 hours.” Close watchers of data totals last year hit our comment boards with tales of being charged for NFL Mobile game-watching, but we believe it all turned out right in the end. But our comments space is always open if it doesn’t so please, NFL Mobile fans, keep letting us know what’s really happening out there.

As we also noted last year, many NFL Mobile veterans almost always seek a Wi-Fi connection when they are streaming NFL Mobile games, because better bandwidth and no data charges.

And remember: You can’t watch NFL Mobile live games on your tablet, because Verizon’s rights package only includes cellular phone-type devices.


  1. Used all my data today on nfl mobile watching a game. It’s not free this year is what they told me when I called

  2. Verizon now says since it has unlimited plan data will be charged

  3. Joel Ekstrom says

    You have to have the unlimited plan in order for the games not to count against your usage. I found this out the hard way yesterday:

  4. That’s funny, because I attempted to watch some of the game last night and used 22% of my data.

  5. This is untrue as I spoke to 2 different people. They said no that it does count against your plan.

  6. They charged us yesterday for the NFL app. I called today saying “we have it included in our plan” Their only answer was “Your plan is too old” and then proceeded to offer me a $10 inconvenience fee. So much for $30 of overage charges and who knows how many gigabytes of data used while on the NFL app besides. THIS ISN’T OVER!!

  7. I watched the game tonight on (chargers @ broncos) 9/12/17
    I received a message that I was almost out of data when I checked before the game
    and had 1 gigabyte remaining.

    So, it means my data was used while streaming the game.
    I will see if it truly gets removed 24-48 hours later.

  8. After the app used my remaining data on Sunday, I spoke with a Verizon customer service representative who said the data would be added back to my account. However, this person stated the app will work like this all season, using your data and then adding it back days later.
    I stated this is a detriment to people with smaller plans and I was told by the representative that he agreed with me but things are going to stay this way for now.
    So basically, you can use the app until you cap out then you are screwed.

  9. I used up 4GB of Data using nfl mobile Data. And their customer service reps are useless and clueless and don’t know sh**!!! They keep saying it doesn’t charge against your data, but I didn’t have this problem last season. So I guess its true that it does count towards your data now. Why am I going to spend more money on an unlimited plan! I swear this company disgust me! Only reason why I’m here is for nfl mobile and now its practically useless unless I have wifi were I am..

  10. please edit this article as relying on it for information about the exempt data usage cost me $35 for both plan upgrade and an overage this month!!!!

  11. Can you be more clear about what happened? Verizon has not yet replied to us other than the statement in the story.

  12. Jeffrey Ellerbrake says

    I still don’t have power, cable, or internet after IRMA. In the last week just to see what’s happening in the area I’ve gone 75$ over my 10 Gb limit. I really want to watch football, but I can’t afford 50 or 100$ more just to watch a game. This really sucks Verizon. Please make a clear statement so we all know the RULES!

  13. Lol I’m pretty sure if you have unlimited data you don’t have to worry bout your data being used ??

  14. Used 2GBf of my 6GB Data on one game!!!! Not free!!!

  15. Well I see how they get around adding the data back on. They time stamp the data 3 hours prior to when you actually stream the game. I have evidence of this.

  16. Well, remember “unlimited” isn’t really unlimited since they say you may experience slowdowns in service once you go over 22 GB a month or something like that. So even though it says unlimited, they are tracking data use. You can read multiple stories in places like DSLReports and Ars Technica where they call out the “unlimited” sham.

  17. Did they add the data back to your account?

  18. On Sunday I was watching Red Zone and I got a notification that I had used almost all of my data. I was told that the data would be credited back within 48 hours. It wasn’t.

    I finally got a $15 credit after insisting the fix the situation now. I’m done with Verizon, the NFL Mobile app is the only reason I stayed with them. I figure if I switch to Sprint at half the cost I can just pay for more data with the money I save.

  19. Noticed the app was using my data and after speaking to 3 useless reps nothing got resolved. One told me the data would be added back on after 48 hours and it never was. Another told me commercials count against your data and another might have been a mindless zombie.

  20. Same thing happened to me but when I called they said it was free and the data consumption was from something else…even thought it was day one of my new plan and I hadn’t touched my phone besides for streaming the game. Not too happy with Verizon.

  21. Not sure if RedZone is part of the free package. Verizon reps are no longer communicating with MSR, so we’re back to figuring this out by ourselves.

  22. I’m over too, all from football data that was “free” in the past. What’s worse: when I contacted the website customer service to find out if the data was going to count, they continued to tell me NFL Mobile is a “zero” app and I should CONTINUE to watch! It took a phone rep 5 minutes to determine my “Everything” plan did NOT include NFL streams. She’s got access to their system. How was I to determine this? BIG foul-up, Verizon. Clearly dis-organized at the service level, probably true of the execs; since STILL (Week 3 of the regular season) no one has made a plan to inform their own people (never mind their customers) any better.

  23. I just used up all my data watching the game last night. BEWARE!

  24. Search “Verizon NFL App” and you will read this in the Google Description, which is also hard coded into the webpage HTML:

    “Get NFL Mobile to watch live local and primetime games and more, all without using any data. Only on Verizon.”

    A call to customer service about why my data is being used when the website clearly says otherwise resulted in them telling me to use wifi and there is nothing they could do about the data I used. I could spend $70 a month more for an upgraded plan though! Ugh…..

  25. Richard B. Buckner says

    NFL mobile is useless. I can’t stream a game if it isn’t broadcasting locally on Fox. I’m deleting the app.

  26. Not even Monday night or Thursday night games? Or Sunday night games? I had no problem with Sunday night game last night.

  27. I for one am very grateful to Verizon for this service!! I’m a cable cutter and have been able to watch every Monday and Thursday night game this year because of Verizon. There hasn’t been 1 cent added to my bill either.
    Very Happy Customer Here

  28. They told me it was still free however the data has to be refunded to you. Mine has never been refunded to me as of today for last month. Verizon told me to call NFL mobile app and the NFL mobile app told me to call Verizon no one wanted to take responsibility.

  29. It won’t.

  30. So if using wireless, is it safe to say NFL Mobile does not use any data or incur any charges?

  31. Do you mean Wi-Fi? If so then the answer is yes.

  32. I can’t get NFL Mobile to work when on Wi-Fi, I get an error saying that I don’t have a connection even though my phone clearly shows that I am connected to Wi-Fi. I’ve tried this in multiple locations with the same result. It will only work if I turn Wi-Fi off but I’m afraid that they will charge me for the data used so I’ve had to stop using the app. I wish we could get a clear answer from somebody about this!

  33. I just complained (via chat) to Verizon and they upped me to 16GB for a month (at no charge) to make up for lost data.

  34. So last year I was able to watch live and archived games (using NFL GamePass) through the NFL app and it was all “freebee” data. This year apparently they changed the rules and you can only watch live content free. The NFL app is not understood well by most Verizon customer service reps. The technical support manager I talked to had to really dig to find the info.

    Bummed out that I can’t watch archived NFL games for free anymore as that was the bulk of my usage.

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