talkSPORT opens Barclays Premier League Commentary to World via Twitter

I am always looking for new ways to experience sports and I stumbled upon talkSPORT Live, which seems a bit slow on my part since on the sports radio program has been around for a dozen years but all my teachers said I was a slow learner.

Anyway the service has now joined forces with Twitter in what will be good news for fans of the Barclay Premier League Football as they will combine to provide live streaming of live commentary of the matches using talkSPORT Live’s audio player embedded in an enhanced Twitter profile page at
The broadcasts will reach outside of the talkSPORT traditional market and aside from English it will be broadcast in Spanish and Mandarin/ I wonder what the demographics show about its Chinese listeners?

The move comes as talkSPORT seeks to expand its profile internationally and one of the big moves has been the launch of talkSPORT Live. The program has live commentary on the games and is available both live and on demand in case you wish to go back and see commentary on a past match.

However this is only part of its international push. Earlier this year it signed an exclusive four year deal with the Premier League audio broadcasting rights, from the 2012/13 season to the 2015/16 season.

talkSPORT Live also has broadcast partners across five continents including SiriusXM in the USA and Canada, TSN and TEAM stations in Canada, Brila FM in Nigeria, Citi FM in Ghana, SBS in Australia, Radio Sport in New Zealand and Astro stations in Malaysia who all broadcast the station’s Barclays Premier League commentary.

YouTube and Gillette Team up for Soccer Channel

Gillette Football Club

YouTube continues to become an alternate source of sports programming for fans and its latest effort is in partnership with Gillette to create the Gillette Football Club, a channel that will focus exclusively on soccer and its fans.

The sports channel will deliver on demand high definition video to soccer fans and is designed to enable fans to register to follow their favorite teams and provides goal and highlights for the teams as well as other league highlights including stats from a player, team or league.

It allows you to follow the English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A (both Brazil and Italy), Eredivise, SPL, MLS, La Liga, Ligat Ha’Al, Ekstraklasa and Bundesliga players and teams and will also show select highlights from international matches.

However it provides much more including videos of interviews with top players and team personnel as well as other features including football shows. Several high profile teams are creating content for the channel including one called Copa90 Allstars where skills and ball handling tricks will be demonstrated by top footballers.

While the programming is free, all you need to do is register, the site will be filled with advertisements from Gillette, but that really seems a small price to pay.

YouTube has been increasingly pushing into sports as an alternative to broadcast sports and had a wide variety of the 2012 Summer Olympics events available in much of the world as part of its partnership with NBC and has invested approximately $200 million in marketing its growing number of channels.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact this has on broadcasters such as Fox Sports and ESPN, both of whom have been increasingly focusing on the growing interest in the US as well as trying to leverage the already great demand for the sport worldwide. It seems to me that the Gillette Football Club, with VOD, is a much better avenue for fans to get updates than to rush to their TV when a network has a scheduled program that does essentially the same thing.

Will we see an ESPN or Fox team with YouTube in the future or will they seek to launch their own rival highlights program online. Whatever happens it seems to me that fans will benefit from increased competition and the resulting growth in exposure the sport receives.

Fox Offers Mobile and TV Options with start of English Premier League

the Barclays English Premier League

Well the Euro 2012 is over, the Summer Olympics are over and now ramping up is the Barclays English Premier League that starts up again this weekend and Fox Sports will continue to broadcasting of the matches with the first broadcast dates already set.

The first match will be broadcast this Saturday, early in the morning on the East Coast as West Brom kicks it off against Liverpool, followed later in the day by Newcastle vs Tottenham. Both of these matches will be live with additional games scheduled that will be taped.

Last year’s final day of the season brought on some major surprises as Manchester City won the

title for the first time since 1968 when it beat Queens Park Rangers 3-2 on the last day of the season even as rival Manchester United was celebrating on the field when it believed that the titles was theirs. The title was decided on goal differential and Manchester City scored in the waning moments to clinch the title.

It will be hard to beat an ending such as that this season but Fox will be providing not only the games on television but also has a full set of solutions for mobile fans with Android and iOS solutions as well as providing the ability to watch via computer.

Fox offers solutions for the mobile fan as well with its FoxSoccer2Go which has a huge array of leagues and matches. Aside from the Premier League, of which it will broadcast 270 matches, it also has Europa League, UEFA Champions League and NCAA Soccer. In all it expects to broadcast a minimum of 100 matches a moth for the 2012/2013 season. It also covers rugby.

It has an on-demand feature that provides replays of matches for between 3 and seven days after the conclusion of the matches, depending on the league.


ManU wins laurels in Brit Sports Digital Agency’s New Soccer Social Media Stats

English Soccer League top goaltender Peter Cech

In what could prove a template for U.S. sports teams interested in tracking the efficacy of their outreach, the innovative and edgy digital sports agency Freestyle Interactive has launched a Social Media analytics service for English Premier League soccer.

On a monthly basis,  Freestyle will publish the total tweets, Twitter followers and Facebook Likes Premier teams rack up. The company has published the December numbers, which show ManU sucking wind on Twitter as it is tied for last at No. 19 among 20 teams. Meanwhile, Aresenal has landed over 1 million Twitter followers in the same time frame.

On Facebook, ManU is top dog with over 20 million likes. That’s interesting data because it may determine whether a totally Facebook-centric strategy or a Twitter-centric strategy delivers the greatest bang for your buck.

Sports social media sponsorship dollars should add significant new revenue streams for sports teams within three years, Mobile Sports Report’s senior editor Frookie predicts.

Displaying awesome chops in the social media arena, Freestyle is also identifying its pick as the best of the month in sports social media innovation for allowing fans to display Tweets on its scoreboard during games.

Kudos to Freestyle for being as cagey as Chelsea’s goaltender Peter Cech is at keeping balls out of his cage.

Here’s the Freestyle data in an awesome graphic: