Futbol Fans like Wi-Fi: Barcelona vs. ManU match at Levi’s Stadium uses 2.62 TB

ManU and Barca at Levi's Stadium. All photos: Levi's Stadium.

ManU and Barca at Levi’s Stadium. All photos: Levi’s Stadium.

It was futbol, not football, that drew 68,416 fans to Levi’s Stadium July 25 for a match between European powerhouses FC Barcelona and Manchester United, a game that finished in a 3-1 ManU victory and with 2.62 terabytes of Wi-Fi data used, according to the Levi’s Stadium networking crew.

With fans arriving early for the 1 p.m. start the Wi-Fi measurements were taken over 7 hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., according to Roger Hacker, senior manager, corporate communications for the San Francisco 49ers, who own and operate Levi’s Stadium. During that period there were 25,643 unique users of the stadium’s Wi-Fi network, with the maximum number of concurrent users of 18,322 taking place five minutes after the game’s start.

Action from the pitch!

Action from the pitch!

The Wi-Fi peak usage bandwidth of 2.966 Gbps was reached five minutes later, no doubt as the sellout crowd started sending the pictures and videos they took of the start of the match. The average Wi-Fi bandwidth used during the 7 measured hours of the event was 1.584 Gbps, according to the Niners.

Though the Wi-Fi usage didn’t come close to the stadium record mark of 4.5 TB set at WrestleMania 31 in March, or even the high-water Wi-Fi mark for football set on Sept. 14 at last year’s regular season home opener against the Chicago Bears, it did eclipse some football Wi-Fi totals near the end of last season, showing that soccer fans will find and use Wi-Fi even though their sport has much less non-active time than American football.

One event on the Levi’s Stadium calendar that may dwarf even WrestleMania for Wi-Fi usage is the upcoming Taylor Swift concerts Aug. 14 and 15; it will be interesting to see how Taylor Swift fans use the network, and if they can surpass WWE fans even though it looks like the stadium will have fewer available seats because of the concert stage setup.


ManU wins laurels in Brit Sports Digital Agency’s New Soccer Social Media Stats

English Soccer League top goaltender Peter Cech

In what could prove a template for U.S. sports teams interested in tracking the efficacy of their outreach, the innovative and edgy digital sports agency Freestyle Interactive has launched a Social Media analytics service for English Premier League soccer.

On a monthly basis,  Freestyle will publish the total tweets, Twitter followers and Facebook Likes Premier teams rack up. The company has published the December numbers, which show ManU sucking wind on Twitter as it is tied for last at No. 19 among 20 teams. Meanwhile, Aresenal has landed over 1 million Twitter followers in the same time frame.

On Facebook, ManU is top dog with over 20 million likes. That’s interesting data because it may determine whether a totally Facebook-centric strategy or a Twitter-centric strategy delivers the greatest bang for your buck.

Sports social media sponsorship dollars should add significant new revenue streams for sports teams within three years, Mobile Sports Report’s senior editor Frookie predicts.

Displaying awesome chops in the social media arena, Freestyle is also identifying its pick as the best of the month in sports social media innovation for allowing fans to display Tweets on its scoreboard during games.

Kudos to Freestyle for being as cagey as Chelsea’s goaltender Peter Cech is at keeping balls out of his cage.

Here’s the Freestyle data in an awesome graphic: