2Bet2 Focuses on Social Betting on Games


Socialized betting is undergoing an interesting change, migrating from the office water cooler, if one actually exists, and onto social media sites such as Facebook and Google +, and one of the recent entrants into that field is 2Bet2, bringing out its Facebook offering around the start of the year.

It has many of the features that are currently coming on line in rival sports apps using odds to set the line on bets and winners can get awards that allow them to advance and open up new opportunities. You can bet against friend or the house and do so on events that are played around the globe.

There is real time game and odds updates and along with seeing how your bets are doing you have a chat ability that permits congratulating, taunting, or anything in between, among players. All major sports are covered including both NFL and NCAA Football, both NBA and NCAA basketball, Hockey, Baseball, 25 different European Football leagues, Rugby Union/League, Cricket, Tennis and Golf.

2Bet2 has plenty of competition in the social betting world both with mobile app developers moving over onto social media and developers focusing initially on social media as the platform of choice. Players such as SideBet have added social media access.

There is a growing list of competitors in this space I believe that fantasy sports sites will also look towards online gambling if and when it gets the ok. Look at players including Rotowire, Grabfan, Pickmoto to name just a few. Even casinos are getting into the mix.

It seems that there is a good deal of hope in app developers that sometime in the future there will be an easing of on-line betting rules in the US that will allow the gambling of real money. Early players in this space will be well positioned to take advantage of any such change.

It would be important to be established because if and when it is legalized the moneyed Las Vegas casinos and other entities are likely to quickly enter a market that is estimated at multiple billions of dollars.

While an industry group, the American Gaming Association has said that it seems unlikely that there will be any changes to online gambling this year, although there has been a bill put before congress by members of both parties. According to American Gaming, online gambling is legal in 85 countries and an estimated $35 billion is gambled each year.


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