Niners looking to hire ‘app experience specialists’ to help fans connect at Levi’s Stadium

According to a help wanted notice posted on the Levi’s Stadium website, the facility is looking to hire “app experience specialists” to help fans at San Francisco 49ers games better negotiate the new mobile app for the new stadium. The bonus is, you’ll be able to get paid to go to Niners games and other events at the new 68,000-seat facility in Santa Clara, Calif. The drawback? You’ll only be paid $13 an hour to help beer-soaked fans trying to negotiate their smartphones or tablets while at the game.

Though we haven’t talked to anyone at Levi’s or with the Niners about the job, we are guessing the “app experience specialists” will perform duties similar to those done by the Wi-Fi coaches who were at stadiums with Extreme Networks Wi-Fi deployments last year. The “coaches,” dressed in readily identifiable uniforms, simply wander around the stadium and help people find their way to apps and Wi-Fi services, a sometimes confusing process if you’ve never tried it before.

Wi-Fi coach in the stands at Gillette Stadium. Credit: Extreme Networks

Wi-Fi coach in the stands at Gillette Stadium. Credit: Extreme Networks

Though almost every mobile device has the ability to connect via Wi-Fi, many people don’t know how to fine-tune their settings to make it work well in a stadium situation. And team apps can be packed with confusing or unclear navigation, so having ambassadors on hand should help the Niners help their fans.

According to the ad on the website, Levi’s is looking for applicants with “excellent people skills and a knack for problem solving,” and “a service-oriented approach in all interactions with guests, corporate partners, and fellow team members.” Also desirable are a “strong technical proficiency and enthusiasm for cutting-edge mobile technology,” and perhaps most important, an “ability to maintain composure and customer focus while troubleshooting and solving technical issues,” leaving out the part about having to deal with overserved, overzealous fans. Good luck!

Ericsson Study Shows Mobile Will Rule Internet

People always say that it’s a small world, and with the Internet it seems smaller as everyone appears to be connected in one manner or another. Now Ericsson has taken the time to quantify how well connected everybody is in a recent report.

The company has just released its second annual “ Traffic and Market Report-On the Pulse of the Networked Society” that shows how connected the world is now and makes some predictions as to where it is headed.

There is way too much information to provide any sort of thumbnail here but I will mention a few interesting factoids, at least ones that are interesting to me. Not too surprising is the growth of mobile subscriptions which will grow to 9 billion in 2017. How many people will there be at that time I wonder?

Anyway a few other interesting facts is that 50% of the world’s population will have access to 4G and 85% access to 3G by 2017, with 3 billion smartphone users in that year as well. Mobile data traffic is just booming and double from Q1 2011 to Q1 2012, with primarily video driving the growth. The report estimates that mobile data traffic will grow by 15 times between 2011 and 2017.

The overall conclusion of the report is that mobile is the wave of the future and that it s being driven by users that want anywhere, anytime connectivity to video, music and the Internet. This is great news for developer of mobile apps that are targeting sports fans. I suspect that in many ways sports fans are at the foprefront of this move and expect to see a growth in the number and quality of apps as opportunities in this space appear to be growing at a very good rate.