Friday Grab Bag: SensoGlove wins award, Nike+ grows

The Nike+ Fuel Lab, the recent expansion of Nike’s effort to get a larger body of developers working on its Nike+ technology has started to invite a select group of tech companies to work with it on the platform.

The 2014 Nike+ Fuel Lab in San Francisco is a 12-week program for which the company said it will select 10 companies to partner with it in developing apps. Among the resources it will provide are access to Nike+ and NikeFuel APIs and SDKs, work space and mentorship a well as $50,000. Send in your application now!

Patent trolls under attack in Congress
Companies that are fighting patent trolls, individuals or corporations that file frivolous patent infringement lawsuits may have a new, potent tool in the defensive arsenal as the U.S. Congress may consider a bill intended to curb such behavior.

Introduced by Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee one aspect of the law would be that winners would receive fees from the loser unless the loser had a ‘substantially justified’ position.

Baseball teams worth more than you thought
Bloomberg News spent nine months working out how valuable each Major League Baseball franchise was by looking at all forms of revenue and came to the determination that the teams have been undervalued by an average of 35%.

The team that came out on tops was the New York Yankees, pegged at $3.2 billion. In the breakdown it shows that the teams’ regional sports network accounts for almost $1 billion of that value, or more than many of the bottom teams totals.

Sensoglove wins Tech award
Sensosolutions digital golf glove, SensoGlove, has won Golf Magazine’s 2013 Techy Award as announced in the publication’s November 2013 issue. The Techy Awards cover 20 different categories that span all aspects of the game of golf.

So it’s not a surprise that the category that the SensoGlove won was Techiest Glove. The glove is filled with sensors that help you adjust your grip by position and power so that your hands are in the correct place and exerting the right amount of pressure.

Web connected video devices to outnumber world population soon
If it seems that everyone next to you at a sporting event is using their camera, tablet or heaven forbid, camera to take still images and video to put onto social media you are not far off. According to a recent study by market research firm HIS, as reported by Home Media Magazine, devices may outnumber humans soon.

The study estimated that by 2017 the total installed base of Internet-connected devices that can play video is expected to reach hit 8.2 billion a 90% increase from the 4.3 billion that is estimated to be connected by this year’s end. The planet’s population in 2017 is estimated at 7.4 billion.

Bloomberg Sports adds Fantasy Alarm to ‘Front Office 2012’

Have you missed out on making an important trade or swapping out an injured player simply because in your busy day you missed looking to see how your team/league was doing at a critical time?

Well if so, and you are a user of Bloomberg Sports fantasy baseball app “Front Office 2012” then these issues will be a thing of the past. The company has integrated the Fantasy Alarm feature into the program and it is free to all subscribers.

You do have to sign up for the feature which will alert you via either e-mail or text. The program tailors its messages based on your roster so that you are not bombarded with messages that are not relevant to your team.

There are a variety of types of messages including alerting you when a player is not in the starting lineup, with a 60-90 minute lead prior to the game. Other information includes when a team changes closers, who is on or off the DL or riding the pine now in the minors.

It covers game time decisions about player availability but also forecasts 24 hours out on probably starting pitcher match-ups as well. Fantasy Alarm estimated that it will send out 25 million messages this year to fans. As an added bonus players who sign up for the Fantasy Alarms alerts will be entered into an All-Star Getaway Sweepstakes for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City.

This seems like a can’t miss item for fans of fantasy baseball. I know a number of people that have missed out on points because a player was sitting out a game or was injured and they missed it for any of a number of reasons. Now you can eliminate that element of chance on your team. Of course still no solution for closers that give up 3 run homers in the ninth.

Bloomberg Sports Delivers Front Office 2012 for Fantasy Baseball Fans

Almost all fantasy baseball players that I know employ a wide range of tools to help them make the selection that will propel them to the winning position in their league and guarantee a full off season of bragging rights. Or at least that is the hope.

Bloomberg Sports, one of the more recent players in the field of fantasy baseball analytics, has just released its third season of “Front Office”, its entrant into this competitive field that includes not only the latest player stats but also an updated suite of tools.

The tool suite in the Front Office 2012 app now allows players that have National or American League only fantasy leagues and it includes a regular season tool that provides instant updates via text and email on players on their roster.

Another key feature is its ability to provide up-to-date lists for roster changes, free agent pickups and other decisions, as well as a customized dashboard which gives players all critical information about their team or teams in one easy to follow location.

After using the program to help select their team a fan can get a customized analysis of their team, comparing it to others in the league and showing head to head comparisons. It also provides customized recommendations to improve your team. Not that I need that of course.

The program retails its ability to sync with the major hosting sites from Yahoo!,, and as well as a few others. The program is available for PC and Mac computers as well as for Apple iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Bloomberg Exec Squadron at Baseball Winter Meetings with Mobile Scouting Pitch

Bloomberg Sports' Bill Squadron

Bloomberg Sports is pushing hard at The Baseball Winter Meetings in a bid to sell more teams and players on the merits of sports information products that tailor video and statistics to an individual player’s needs, has confirmed.

Bloomberg Sports head Bill Squadron and two sales executives are maintaining a big presence at the annual Major League Baseball Winter Meetings, which began today and run through Thursday, December 8 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Bloomberg’s goal is to sign as many as 11 new Major League Teams as clients for its Pro level product, which would make Bloomberg a perfect 30-for-30  in selling its Pro level of service into teams.

“Right now, we have 19 out of 30 clubs,” Bloomberg’s Squadron told Mobile Sports Report. “I am not going to make predictions, but I guess our goal is to have all of them.”

Used during the 2011 season by the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers, among others,  Bloomberg Pro is a secure, rights managed, web-based system that provides real-time analytical tools, data and video to team executives, employees, broadcasts and players.  The 2012 version, which will be showcased at the Baseball Winter Meetings, is faster and has improved scouting data, including reports from Caribbean leagues, college and high school baseball, Squadron said.

Bloomberg will be closely watched at the Baseball Winter Meetings. If successful in sewing up the baseball market, it is likely to quickly push into NBA and NFL products in the year ahead. Such products as Bloomberg’s are a natural fit for the new world of mobile sports because the next generation of professional athlete is completely comfortable using iPads and other devices to access game-day information, and there are more video-centric and Sabremetric-savvy professional athletes than ever before.

Bloomberg’s product isn’t the only data and video platform available in professional sports. As reported by MobileSportsReport, Modevity LLC is used by National Football League teams and the National Hockey League’s Phoenix Coyotes to deliver playbooks and scouting videos to players through its ARALOC Sports Platform. There are significant differences between Bloomberg and Modevity. Bloomberg has ready access to video, news and analytics by being a part of the same company that dominates financial services information, among other verticals. Modevity handles proprietary information generated by coaches and players, and shared in a totally secure environment. Both are examples of new ways sports teams are leveraging technology to get an edge.

For his part, Squadron is an executive of interest to the mobile sports business community. Before joining Bloomberg, Squadron worked at SportVision, which is the company behind the Emmy-Award winning Virtual Yellow 1st & Ten line shown on network football broadcasts, the FoxTrax hockey puck used during the NHL All-Star Game and the concept of virtual advertising shown during television sports broadcasts. If Squadron continues to enjoy success at Bloomberg, it could make one of the first time a mobile sports innovator has risen through the ranks to much broader responsibility at a Fortune 500 company.