Bloomberg Sports Delivers Front Office 2012 for Fantasy Baseball Fans

Almost all fantasy baseball players that I know employ a wide range of tools to help them make the selection that will propel them to the winning position in their league and guarantee a full off season of bragging rights. Or at least that is the hope.

Bloomberg Sports, one of the more recent players in the field of fantasy baseball analytics, has just released its third season of “Front Office”, its entrant into this competitive field that includes not only the latest player stats but also an updated suite of tools.

The tool suite in the Front Office 2012 app now allows players that have National or American League only fantasy leagues and it includes a regular season tool that provides instant updates via text and email on players on their roster.

Another key feature is its ability to provide up-to-date lists for roster changes, free agent pickups and other decisions, as well as a customized dashboard which gives players all critical information about their team or teams in one easy to follow location.

After using the program to help select their team a fan can get a customized analysis of their team, comparing it to others in the league and showing head to head comparisons. It also provides customized recommendations to improve your team. Not that I need that of course.

The program retails its ability to sync with the major hosting sites from Yahoo!,, and as well as a few others. The program is available for PC and Mac computers as well as for Apple iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.


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