Webscorer Has Timing Down Pat for Longboard Event

I always enjoy a good race, be it two sailboats, track and field, auto or human, whatever the race I just like competition and I like to have a clear idea of who wins — and that is where it seems that an app called Webscorer comes in.

The company recently provided an interesting video of this year’s Whistler Longboard Festival, which in and of itself is a very interesting looking race, I mean where else can you go to see a skate and shoot event as part of the competition? Sort of a different take on the pentathlon.

While at first it would seem that simply using a stopwatch would work just fine, it seems that the event staggers starts in some events which complicates the timing aspect, that is unless you want hundreds of volunteers all using a hand held timer, a move that can increase human error into the race.

What Webscorer brings to the equation is a three part app that handles a variety of registration and timing issues. The components, which can be used as a standalone app or as part of a greater whole, include a race registration feature, a race timing app for Apple’s iPad and iPhones and a web site that supports not only results from its apps but also has third party support as well.

The web site has the added bonus of featuring other races, and certainly there will be a number that you have no interest in, there are others that are interesting, like one for a sled dog race that I noticed this morning.

In case you missed the event (I did) the Whistler Longboard Festival was hosted at Whistler Sliding Center and Whistler Olympic Park on July 13-15 2012. It included a variety of Longboarding challenges, including Downhill, Skate x Shoot, and Endurance.

Timeout Tuesday: X Games Video Clips Overload

If you missed the Summer X Games a week or so ago, don’t fret. Of course it was all captured on video, and thanks to the wonder of YouTube we have a few clips to share with you. I can’t claim to know what the individual events really are (though it’s pretty easy to figure out something called “moto x freestyle”) but you don’t really need to know… just watch.

First up, Taka Higashino’s winning run in Moto X Freestyle:

Then from the folks at GoPro the “day 1 highlights” which are mainly cool for the point-of-view shots:

Not everything lands smoothly at the X Games. Here Toomas Heikkinen doesn’t get enough lift during RallyCross racing practice:

But then when tricks work… if you ever had these cars as a kid, like I did… you know it doesn’t always work. But you gotta love a real-world version of the Hot Wheels double-loop dare:

First, the live shot in real time:

Then, the edited version with in-car cams:

And… I know this isn’t from this year’s X Games but… Shaun White is one crazy skilled dude. Whatever that move is at :56 in… I don’t know its technical description, but… DAMN

(clips courtesy of X Games, ESPN and YouTube. Thanks!)

GoPro’s X Games Highlight Video: Simply Amazing

Did you miss the X Games last week on ESPN? If so the good folks at GoPro have put together a quick mind-blowing recap video, shot completely with their portable HD HERO2 cameras. Take a quick look here to see what the X Games looks like from the athlete perspective:

New World Record for Skateboard Speed: Recon Instruments was there!

Have you ever wondered what the world record for speed on a skateboard is? Well wonder no more as a new one was just set this week in Mount Eboulements, QC where Mischo Erban broke the existing Guinness World Record.

Apparently there is no penalty for a technology assist as Erban was aided by wearing a custom built Heads Up Display from Recon Instruments that helped provide information about the route that he took to break the record.

One nice thing about the record is that if you are interested a camera was included in his gear so that there is some very nice video of the event which can be found here.

Erban hit a top speed of 80.74 mph from a standing start on a downhill run. The HUD device provided him with real time readings of his speed, distance, time, navigation among other data streams during his record breaking run.

The previous record had surprisingly stood for quite some time. It was established by Douglas da Silva on October 20, 2007. He managed to reach 70.21 mph on a run at Teutonia, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Hopefully Guinness and Recon will start teaming up for a range of records, simply because getting the data feed from the skater, or whatever sports, would be very interesting and I suspect will lead to a greater demand for both HUD type devices but also in breaking additional records. With the X Games on its way it seems like a nature time to try this.