Webscorer Has Timing Down Pat for Longboard Event

I always enjoy a good race, be it two sailboats, track and field, auto or human, whatever the race I just like competition and I like to have a clear idea of who wins — and that is where it seems that an app called Webscorer comes in.

The company recently provided an interesting video of this year’s Whistler Longboard Festival, which in and of itself is a very interesting looking race, I mean where else can you go to see a skate and shoot event as part of the competition? Sort of a different take on the pentathlon.

While at first it would seem that simply using a stopwatch would work just fine, it seems that the event staggers starts in some events which complicates the timing aspect, that is unless you want hundreds of volunteers all using a hand held timer, a move that can increase human error into the race.

What Webscorer brings to the equation is a three part app that handles a variety of registration and timing issues. The components, which can be used as a standalone app or as part of a greater whole, include a race registration feature, a race timing app for Apple’s iPad and iPhones and a web site that supports not only results from its apps but also has third party support as well.

The web site has the added bonus of featuring other races, and certainly there will be a number that you have no interest in, there are others that are interesting, like one for a sled dog race that I noticed this morning.

In case you missed the event (I did) the Whistler Longboard Festival was hosted at Whistler Sliding Center and Whistler Olympic Park on July 13-15 2012. It included a variety of Longboarding challenges, including Downhill, Skate x Shoot, and Endurance.