Entry issues snarl start of WrestleMania 32 at AT&T Stadium; crowd uses 6.77 TB of Wi-Fi

While Sunday’s WrestleMania 32 eventually ended up with a record attendance for the WWE’s signature event with 101,763 fans in attendance, some snafus with the entry process had fans reporting as long as three-hour waits to get in, with some pegging a Wi-Fi outage that disabled ticket scanners as one of the roots of the problem.

We don’t as of yet have any on-the-record comments from AT&T Stadium so we can’t say exactly what the problem was. UPDATE, 4/4/16, 2:50 p.m.: According to John Winborn, chief information officer for the Dallas Cowboys Football Club (and the person who runs the network inside AT&T Stadium), despite the rumors that emerged there was no Wi-Fi outage at the stadium — in fact Winborn said the crowd used 6.77 TB of Wi-Fi data Sunday, a single-day stadium Wi-Fi total second only to the 10.1 TB used at Levi’s Stadium for Super Bowl 50. (More details on the Wi-Fi consumption coming soon.)

Wi-Fi rumors aside, on Sunday night Twitter and Instagram were full of photos from irate fans who were stuck outside the venue, with some reportedly unable to get inside or to their seats before the actual matches started. According to a blog post at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the WWE and the Stadium issued a joint press release halfway through the event that read:

β€œTo ensure the safety of WWE fans, increased security measures were put in place tonight. We apologize that it may have taken some fans longer than usual to get into AT&T Stadium.”

Several other news outlets reported the problem, with all seeming to peg the issue on a Wi-Fi problem with the ticket scanners. Winborn, however, said there were no Wi-Fi outages in the stadium or with the ticket scanners.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram report, the vitriol on Twitter and other social media outlets may not have been entirely correct; according to the report:

Do not believe the viral reports and unsightly online pictures that fans could not get to their seats by the time the early matches began β€” they could but they preferred to walk around, buy food, drink and merchandise. But the images and the complaints that flooded the Internet about #WrestleMania32 were so plentiful, and negative, joint press release was issued halfway through the event.

With 101,763 finally in their seats the event was the fifth-largest crowd inside AT&T Stadium, and as such most likely produced a large Wi-Fi and DAS traffic number once things finally got underway. We will update this post and have another when we get the wireless traffic stats from the stadium.


  1. arcbound_worker says

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is so off base blaming the fans on just meandering about. I got in line at 3pm and didn’t get to my seat until 6pm on the nose without stopping for food or drink or merchandise. GHJ was a mess. They finally came around at ~5:20 and told us to go to gate A. FINALLY, we can get in the stadium I thought! Well, yes, but then we had to wait in a wristband line. Oh boy. Missed the entire pre show because AT&T Stadium couldn’t get it’s crap together.

    • Sportdee says

      We got to the stadium at 2pm. We had about 100 people in front of us in line to get into the stadium. If took us 50 minutes to get through security because they had TWO people working our entry gates. Finally, they brought 9 more people to work the gates. THEN, we had to wait in another line to get wristbands for floor seating. The ran out of wristbands at some point and just started marking an X on the back of people’s tickets. This created another nightmare when it came time to enter the tunnel that leads to floor seating. They would not let us enter the stadium and we missed the first two matches! People were chanting, “Let us in!, and This is bullshit!” We paid a lot of money for prime seats and were made to stand around waiting with no information given as to why. Video has been posted of the crowed chanting. It’s not because people were walking around buying food and souvenirs. Once they finally started letting us in, they told those without wristbands to step to the left. They wouldn’t let them in even with the X on their ticket. Bottom line is that the AT&T Stadium people in charge screwed up outside with their entry procedure and inside with those of us who paid top dollar for floor seats. For them to try and blame the fans just goes to show how much they lack integrity and class. Did they really think 100,000 people weren’t going to expose them for their horrible customer service? AT&T Stadium’s people in charge are the only ones responsible for yesterday’s crappy service and to blame for most of us missing more than an hour of WrestleMania 32!

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