Nebraska’s 2015 season Wi-Fi stats: Two 4+ TB games, 3.4 TB average

Memorial Stadium, University of Nebraska. Credit all photos: University of Nebraska.

Memorial Stadium, University of Nebraska. Credit all photos: University of Nebraska.

The high-density Wi-Fi network at the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium saw a lot of action during the 2015 football season, racking up an average of 3.4 terabytes per game with two games going past the 4 TB mark.

According to figures provided to us by Chad Chisea, IT operations manager for Nebraska athletics, an early season game against South Alabama carded 4.2 TB and a Nov. 7 matchup against Michigan State (which Nebraska won, 39-38) hit 4.1 TB of Wi-Fi usage to set the high-water marks for the seven-game home schedule. Chisea noted that both 4+ TB Wi-Fi events were during night games, an interesting stat to ponder. The low Wi-Fi usage mark came during the final game of the season, a 28-20 Cornhuskers loss on Nov. 27, a day that Chisea said had temperatures that stayed below freezing in Lincoln.

The average number of unique devices connected per game was 31,358, an impressive “take rate” given that the average announced attendance during 2015 was 90,012 per game. The Michigan State game saw the highest single-game unique device total, 35,781, as well as the biggest number of peak concurrent connections, 29,666. For the entire seven-game season, the Nebraska network saw 219,504 unique devices connected, and it carried a total of 24.1 TB of traffic.

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  1. What does this mean in comparison and context versus other major sporting events?

  2. Josh Mechals says

    I was there for the Michigan State game, and the speed of the WiFi was impressive.

  3. It’s among the highest Wi-Fi usage averages we’ve seen… if you followed reports from this year you would see that Levi’s Stadium (68,500 capacity) was in the 2-3 TB range per game… AT&T Stadium (100,000+) was regularly in the 4 TB range… Kyle Field at Texas A&M had a 5+ TB game… the highest we’ve seen anywhere was 6.2 TB for the Super Bowl in February at University of Phoenix Stadium. So… this average is among the top

  4. yeah but if it’s cisco or meraki you paid waaayyyy too much for it.

  5. I’d like to know how many people had trouble connecting. Every game I went to, I was rarely able to connect to the stadium WiFi. Most people around me had the same issue. Cellular reception was bad also. We were in the 50th row of South Stadium

  6. Jeff, do you have any facts to back up your take? Or are you just slagging because you think you’re right?

  7. Is that the end with no overhang? If you read the first story the Nebraska folks did mention some areas that were hard to connect. If those are season tickets I’d contact the athletic department to see if they have any info about your specific seating area.

  8. Someone needs to do the same upgrade for volleyball. It was lousy.

  9. I agree with you Gary. We have to run out into lobby to check scores of other games and even then it’s mediocre at best

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