Niners-Packers registers 2.12 Terabytes on the Levi’s Stadium Wi-Fi scale

App-Store_In Seat_6Given that Niners fans didn’t have much to cheer about during Sunday’s 17-3 loss to the visiting Green Bay Packers, perhaps it’s understandable that they used “just” 2.12 terabytes of data on the Wi-Fi network at Levi’s Stadium that day.

According to stats sent to us by Roger Hacker, senior manager for corporate communications for the Niners, there were 17,876 unique users on the Wi-Fi network during Sunday’s game, with a peak maximum connection of 11,801 users. Though the stats (see more in chart below) were far off any Levi’s Stadium record, they seem pretty solid for an “average” NFL season game that isn’t a playoff event or an extra-special matchup.

One new thing that was available to users of the Levi’s Stadium app Sunday was the “send food to a friend” option, where fans can purchase and send food and beverage orders to someone else in the stadium, provided they know the seat and phone number of the intended gift recipient. Though we think this is one of the cooler things to emerge on the stadium-app front, the Niners and app developer VenueNext are somewhat quiet about this option so far, and are not providing any user numbers for the service from the first game it was available.

Of course, if any MSR readers out there used it or got food sent to them, let us know and let us know how it went! Seems like that feature could be really fun at Super Bowl 50 if it’s working well by February. (Stats below courtesy of San Francisco 49ers and Levi’s Stadium.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.17.46 PM

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