Python S3 Tablet can boot Three Different Operating Systems


The Python S3 is a tablet that has been just released by Italian developer Ekoore that has a feature that could help present true differentiation in the increasingly crowded tablet field; it can boot three very different operating systems.

The latest offering from the company has the ability to boot either Ubuntu Linux, Windows 8 or the Android operating system providing a great degree of flexibility for the user that matches the hardware flexibility that the platform presents.

The tablet comes with the option of having just a single operating system installed but if a user wishes the company will install all three. It features an 11.6-inch display with a 1366 x 768 resolution. It has an optional docking keyboard that also sports a second battery. It features built-in WI-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS.

The tablet is powered by Intel’s Celeron 847 dual core processor and the device will support a maximum of 8GB or RAM and comes with three storage options; 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. The tablet has a starting price of $770 and the optional keyboard runs $179. Moving up to greater storage will of course cost additional as well.

While this tablet certainly will not be the most powerful one on the market, it certainly can meet the developers’ vision of a multiuse, multiuser device.

New Ubuntu Linux-driven tablets at MWC


If you happen to journey over to the Ubuntu home page these days you see a notice that alerts you to the fact that the Mobile World Congress will be graced by tablets that are driven by Ubuntu’s Linux operating system.

Under the moniker of Tastefully Tactile it is pushing it as a solid alternative in the post-PC era, a multitasking tool that provides the flexibility and functionality that modern users are seeking in their tablets.

The operating system hardware requirements are broken down into two categories, entry level consumer tablets and high end enterprise offerings. It is designed to support displays that vary from 7-10 inches for entry level consumer tablets to 10-12 inches for high end offerings.

A minimum of a dual core Cortex A15 for entry level processor or a quad-core A15 or an Intel processor for the high end. Memory for entry level is a minimum of 2GB with 8GB storage and 4GB memory and 8GB storage is preferred for the high end. The device will be able to run all PC apps at the high end and will support a keyboard dock.

While some of the details have yet to be revealed prior to its debut at the show on February 25, there is a good deal of interesting tidbits at Ubuntu’s site including a picture of the tablet displaying its multitasking ability by having both a Skype phone app and a running tablet app on the screen simultaneously.

The multitasking ability extends to the software where developers can use one set of code and the operating system to create apps that can be used for pc productivity apps, phone and TV interfaces, easing development issues. It touts its security features including the ability to have multiple users’ accounts on the same device with full encryption of each user’s personal data.

There are plenty more and I am sure they will be spelling out who hardware partners and tablet specific developers will be at the show. Canonical is providing service and design support for the operating system.

Monday’s Tech Tidbits — My Battery is Dead Issue

Ubuntu seeks to storm into Tablet, Smartphone and TV market
Ubuntu Linux is the latest operating system that seeks to establish itself in the growing mobile and smart video market spaces. ZDNet is reporting that the Canonical, the parent company behind the Linux development will announce the move at its Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando. First the company plans to bring out a stable version of its Ubuntu 12.04 distribution and then focus on the new segments. However do not hold your breath as it is not expected for at least 3 years.

Forbes publishes a Top 10 list for Tablets-sort of
Forbes has published a Top 10 list for Tablets, combining 7-inch, 9-inch and 10-inch models. Without any commentary as to why the products made the list, any pros and cons or additional points the list is only really helpful if you want the bare bones information on each model.

Have that drained feeling? iPhone 4S users feel your pain
The iPhone 4S seems to have a battery issue that is causing users fits as it starts draining rapidly even when idle. PC World has a list of suggestions to help you make it through the day on a single charge, for your phone that is. Some sites are claiming that the phone just checks the time too much — what it never heard of Popcorn?

Apple buys another mapping firm

According to 9to5Mac Apple has acquired C3 Technologies, a 3D mapping application developer. According to the site this is the third map developer Apple has added to its portfolio since 2008, the other two being Placebase and Poly9, also a 3D mapping company Apparently Apple purchased C3 several months ago and the deal is now coming to light and it is reported that most of the development team and management is intact and still working as a team in Sweden.

Microsoft provides a patent lawsuit primer
I sue you, you sue him he sues me. That seems to be the standard business operation threes days but Microsoft says so what? One of the company’s attorneys’ said that lawsuits for disruptive technology are a time honored tradition and that it intends to enforce its position. An interesting Q&A on the issue in the San Francisco Chronicle.

eWeek embraces digital-what took it so long?
eWeek, and sister publications Baseline and CIO Insight will no longer have print versions starting January 2012. Instead they will be available for Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS phones and tablets. The company said that it will offer the publications in “full suite of optimized suites and native apps.”