Deadheads will have in-seat food delivery option at Levi’s Stadium Grateful Dead concerts

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.28.51 PMWhen the Grateful Dead’s farewell tour hits Levi’s Stadium this weekend, concertgoers will be able to order food delivery to their seats, according to Levi’s Stadium app developer VenueNext.

The in-seat food delivery option, which debuted during San Francisco 49er home games last season, is one of the more unique attributes of Levi’s Stadium and its accompanying smartphone app. For events like concerts or wrestling matches, the service is available depending upon the promoter’s desires, Levi’s Stadium officials have said.

For the Grateful Dead concerts this Saturday and Sunday, fans in the stadium seats will have the option to order food for in-seat delivery as well as for express pickup, where they can place an order and then pick it up at the closest concession window when it’s ready. Fans in seats on the field will only be able to use the express pickup option, VenueNext reps said. With full houses expected for both shows, this may be the biggest test yet for the food delivery system, which had some issues when hockey fans filled the house back in February. It will also be the first test of the app since developer VenueNext scored $9 million in venture funding to help expand its business.

VenueNext screen shot of food ordering feature on app.

VenueNext screen shot of food ordering feature on app.

What’s still unclear is if the Levi’s Stadium crew will once again roll out the on-field Wi-Fi network, which was used at the March Wrestlemania 31 event to help produce the biggest-ever data day at the still-new stadium. The temporary network, which uses railing and other ad hoc Wi-Fi access points, is used to bring Wi-Fi service to the area below the regular seating bowl. For what it’s worth, the WrestleMania promoters did not want food delivery at their event, mainly to keep it from being a distraction. It will be interesting also to see how food delivery works in the dark, since I am guessing the concerts won’t be as well lit as a football game (or a hockey game).

While we still haven’t gotten any network stats from the recent San Jose Earthquakes game at Levi’s, we are hoping the stadium network crew will get back to us after the Deadheads visit, because we are guessing the amount of selfies and other social media sharing will be off the charts. If you are planning to take public transportation don’t forget to buy your VTA passes beforehand so you don’t have to wait in two lines.


  1. Just FYI Deadheads, the Levi’s Stadium in-seat delivery menu DOES include Nacho Cheese Doritos… just sayin’ …

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