Pickmoto Looking to become Sports Pick Platform of Choice-Starts with NFL


As the NFL season rapidly approaches many fans are preparing for fantasy drafts, closely scrutinizing daily camp reports and trying to discern who is actually playing well in preseason, but they are also doing these tasks for another reason and that is so that they can pick winners.

Regardless if they are betting an office pool, heading to Vegas, have a bookie, or just picking against the spread each week, fans want to show that they know their sport by picking the most winners on a weekly basis, and to meet their needs apps have started to appear.

The latest that I have seen is called Pickmoto and is designed to enable friends and others to compete on a regular basis and show who’s understanding of football, or luck, is the greatest over the course of a season.

The small three man startup, based in San Francisco is seeking to establish itself as the provider of a platform that enables fans to compete among both circles of friends and in larger groups that form around making correct sports picks.

Reverse Stretch Marks

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It is currently waiting for approval of its iPhones version of the app and then plans to branch out and develop for the Android and other platforms. Future plans also include expanding to cover additional sports.

It has a common approach found in other games as well as a few features that appear to set it apart. A player makes their selections based on who they believe will win, no points involved. It will use what the company calls crowdsourced scoring that makes the less popular picks more valuable. You can have head to head competition as well as against larger groups.

It also has a leader board, provides users with stats, has chat and notification features and provides trophies. It has a Facebook hookup but the game was built from the ground up to be used on a mobile device.

The company has been waiting almost two weeks for approval from Apple and expects to receive it prior to the start of the season. I will be interested to try it out and see what it can do compared to rivals. Other platforms seek to bring fans together to chat such as Bantr in soccer and PlayUp and Fancru as a more broad based platform. They are all different but have the sports scores and ability, in some cases, to provide contests that pit fans against each other in selecting winners.



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