Stadium owners and operators — take our 2014 technology survey!

Call this a call to action for all of you who are part of stadium ownership or operations teams: We need your participation to help make our upcoming State of the Stadium Technology Survey for 2014 better! With our surveying underway, we already have more participants for this year’s survey than we had for last year’s inaugural effort. But the results get better with each new stadium, team or ownership group that participates, so read on below on how to sign up and add your information — and get a free copy of the results and analysis afterwards!

Done in a partnership with the SEAT Consortium, and set to be unveiled at the SEAT 2014 Conference in Miami on July 20, our State of the Stadium Technology Survey covers the main areas of stadium technology deployment, including Wi-Fi, DAS, Sports CRM, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Digital Signage. We already have participants from all the major U.S. professional leagues, along with many major colleges as well as other large public venues like race tracks. When we close out our surveying in a couple weeks, we’ll tabulate the results and add in our analysis to produce our 2014 “State of the Stadium” publication, which we will make available to all attendees at the 2014 SEAT conference. All participants in the survey will also get a digital copy of the publication, whether they attend SEAT or not.

How can your team, school or stadium participate? There are two easy ways: One is to send me a direct email to kaps at, and I will send you the link to our online survey (which takes only several minutes to complete). You can also get a link by subscribing to our email newsletter; later this week there will be an email sent out with a link to the survey site, where you can view the questions and submit your answers. Again, by participating you only help make our results better — and in the process, you get our results and analysis for free for your school, team or stadium to use in your own deployment efforts.

Thanks in advance for your time and help!