No More Sunday Ticket? Part of Unknown NFL Content Plan?

Reading the news today that DirecTV could pull the plug on its Sunday Ticket NFL package made me think of the cricket-chirping silence surrounding the NFL’s deal with Verizon Wireless and its NFLMobile package. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, DirecTV’s exclusive deal to provide all NFL games to its Sunday Ticket subscribers expires in 2014, after which the satellite operator might not renew if the rights fees go too high. We have no confirmation of any great plan in the works, but doesn’t it make sense that if the NFL wanted to consolidate its rights to offer content in a single fashion over all outlets, it would end deals like Sunday Ticket and NFLMobile?

Just a guess at this point. But certainly something to “stay tuned” on, while hoping that it doesn’t result in everyone having to pay $200 a year to watch NFL games. But an easy guess is to say that sometime in the near future, you will pay more to watch football. It’s coming.