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Modevity Confirms Rise of the iPad Playbook in the NFL

Could Darrelle Revis be even better if the New York Jets used Modevity ARALOC Sports Platform?

A team’s NFL playbook is its lifeblood. And at least two teams are using iPads for competitive advantage. They’ve tapped a rising, 20-person company in Pennsylvania named Modevity LLC to handle encryption of data and rights management to distribute playbooks and scouting video to players, and to instantly turn off access to the playbook if a player is cut or traded.

Modevity in huddle with NFL’s early adopters

Modevity LLC specializes in digital rights management, and it has been winning business in its seven-year history by distributing such data as sensitive documents to board members at publicly traded companies and genome information to biologists at life sciences companies.  Its platform, called ARALOC, eschews a Web portal, and all its risks. All data, whether it is a text document, audio or video is encrypted at the server, and passed to the client application. Sophisticated rights management controls on the server side ensure only the right applications have access. That reduces the likelihood data will be pirated during distribution, prevents the data from being stored locally on a mobile device, and allows access to be turned off the instant it is necessary.

Seeing that a professional sport team’s playbook was every bit as sensitive as corporate board materials or advanced medical research, Modevity recently branched expanded into sports. To date, its foray is wildly successful. The NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes this week officially confirmed that it is using Modevity’s ARALOC Sports Platform. And, now, Modevity co-founder Tom Canova confirmed exclusively to that at least two NFL teams are using ARALOC to better prepare for football games. 

“I don’t think any team would argue with us that securing the playbook is first and foremost a concern of everyone in the league,” Canova said. “We are very confident we have the most secure mobile content platform out there.”

The Baltimore Ravens, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons are reportedly using iPads to distribute team data in 2011, but if your favorite NFL team isn’t on that list don’t be discouraged. Canova would not name any NFL team as a client during an interview with, citing confidentiality agreements. And some teams distribute data via iPads without Modevity, which is risky business. In those scenarios, team officials load information manually on an iPad, which means that it could easily fall into the hands of Bill Belichick or another rival, if it were lost or stolen.  

Canova believes that the digital playbook will quickly spread across professional sports, and that ARALOC Sports Platform will be at the center of the mix.

“I don’t care if it is the NBA, NHL or NFL,” Canova said. “Everyone is trying to figure out in an automated process how (to get) their content distributed to a mobile device like an iPad.”

Playbook paradigm shift  

What’s happening with Modevity’s ARALOC Sports Platform is a paradigm shift in the way teams prepare for competition. Previously, teams relied on playbooks, and there were fines between $5,000 to $10,000 if you lost it. Using Modevity ARALOC Sports Platform, players can access digital versions of a team’s playbook on mobile devices, including Android devices. The players can annotate the plays with commentary, and share those comments with coaches, other players, or any other approved playbook on the system.

Some NFL teams are doing similar things with iPads but they don’t use ARALOC Sports Platform. Others are still distributing data via DVDs. Unless content is being distributed in an encrypted system with digital rights management, the information could be pirated, stolen or misappropriated, Canova pointed up.

“We are saying to the teams that you are at risk from the standpoint of content security,” Canova said. “You as a team have to be concerned that your playbook ewill get in the hands of some of your rivals.”

Interactive Scouting Reports

No professional sport relies on game film more heavily than the NFL, and ARALOC Sports Platform includes an application designed to maximize a team’s potential in the arena of scouting. All NFL teams have video production studios in their team facilities, and once film is cut it can be distributed using ARALOC Sports Platform to player devices. In fact, ARALOC includes a “telestration” feature, which allows coaches and players to mark up the film, and redistribute it to other approved team members.

So, if New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis — already one of the NFL’s most video-prepared players on any given Sunday — wanted a practice squad player to mimic a specific move San Diego Chargers’ wide receiver Vincent Jackson makes at the line of scrimmage, Revis could mark the film and send it to the practice squad player responsible for emulating Jackson. That’s a whole lot easier than sending an email, trying to explain it over the phone, or describing it on the practice field.


Canova would not comment on teams using Modevity, but Fox Radio host Ben Maller previous made a brief mention that the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons. Here is what was posted on

“The Baltimore Ravens have gotten rid of the old school paper playbook. They’re saving trees by giving players the playbook via on iPad. The National Football Post reports if the iPad is lost or stolen, or the player gets cut or traded, the Ravens have the ability to remotely erase all the information in the playbook. The Falcons have also shifted more to the use of Apple’s iPad.”

Blogger Simon Brown, who publishes Sports HR, reported that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were using iPads to deliver plays. He was critical of the practice. Here is what he said:

“Sure, it seems like a cool idea for Tampa Bay to have its players download their playbooks to iPads. The problem is, aside from the usual dangers of players losing books or having them stolen, now the team is using a device that can be hacked. It’s great that the team wants to be hip (and green!), but it’s not worth the added danger.”  

Brown’s perspective is reasonable, but he didn’t pick up on the fact that security and digital rights management are involved if your NFL team uses ARALOC, or a similar platform. iPads are hands down the No. 1 tablet device in use by NFL players, and the advantage of being able to distribute up-to-the-minute playbook information and game video to the players at home or on the road — versus having them hang at our a team video facility — far outweigh the risks.

iPads on the sidelines

There are limits to the usefulness of the digital playbook. The NFL bans smartphones and iPads on the sidelines, according to a report on The Atlantic Wire. So, it won’t be until the 2012 NFL season, and would require a rules change, for you to see Modevity ARALOC Sports Platform used in a game situation.

GMs look to expand ARALOC use

It is expected that the 2012 NFL draft class will be evaluated by scouts passing information and annotated information using Modevity ARALOC Sports Platform, Canova said. And team officials are clamoring for Modevity to build applications that make contract negotiations as fail safe as the distribution of game film, Canova said.

“A number of front office executives have told me that they want to use the system in the secure distribution of other forms of confidential content, including content used in contract negotiations,” Canova said. “We’re seeing a lot of future thinking (from our NFL clients), and, as a technology provider, we are always interesting in how a customer might want to use ARALOC.”

Whether Mel Kiper Jr. starts using ARALOC to pass around data with his sources remains to be seen, but its clear that distribution of secure data to mobile devices via sophisticated digital rights management is the wave of the future in the NFL.

Courtesy of Modevity, here’s a diagram of its ARALOC solution:







Bloomberg Exec Squadron at Baseball Winter Meetings with Mobile Scouting Pitch

Bloomberg Sports' Bill Squadron

Bloomberg Sports is pushing hard at The Baseball Winter Meetings in a bid to sell more teams and players on the merits of sports information products that tailor video and statistics to an individual player’s needs, has confirmed.

Bloomberg Sports head Bill Squadron and two sales executives are maintaining a big presence at the annual Major League Baseball Winter Meetings, which began today and run through Thursday, December 8 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Bloomberg’s goal is to sign as many as 11 new Major League Teams as clients for its Pro level product, which would make Bloomberg a perfect 30-for-30  in selling its Pro level of service into teams.

“Right now, we have 19 out of 30 clubs,” Bloomberg’s Squadron told Mobile Sports Report. “I am not going to make predictions, but I guess our goal is to have all of them.”

Used during the 2011 season by the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers, among others,  Bloomberg Pro is a secure, rights managed, web-based system that provides real-time analytical tools, data and video to team executives, employees, broadcasts and players.  The 2012 version, which will be showcased at the Baseball Winter Meetings, is faster and has improved scouting data, including reports from Caribbean leagues, college and high school baseball, Squadron said.

Bloomberg will be closely watched at the Baseball Winter Meetings. If successful in sewing up the baseball market, it is likely to quickly push into NBA and NFL products in the year ahead. Such products as Bloomberg’s are a natural fit for the new world of mobile sports because the next generation of professional athlete is completely comfortable using iPads and other devices to access game-day information, and there are more video-centric and Sabremetric-savvy professional athletes than ever before.

Bloomberg’s product isn’t the only data and video platform available in professional sports. As reported by MobileSportsReport, Modevity LLC is used by National Football League teams and the National Hockey League’s Phoenix Coyotes to deliver playbooks and scouting videos to players through its ARALOC Sports Platform. There are significant differences between Bloomberg and Modevity. Bloomberg has ready access to video, news and analytics by being a part of the same company that dominates financial services information, among other verticals. Modevity handles proprietary information generated by coaches and players, and shared in a totally secure environment. Both are examples of new ways sports teams are leveraging technology to get an edge.

For his part, Squadron is an executive of interest to the mobile sports business community. Before joining Bloomberg, Squadron worked at SportVision, which is the company behind the Emmy-Award winning Virtual Yellow 1st & Ten line shown on network football broadcasts, the FoxTrax hockey puck used during the NHL All-Star Game and the concept of virtual advertising shown during television sports broadcasts. If Squadron continues to enjoy success at Bloomberg, it could make one of the first time a mobile sports innovator has risen through the ranks to much broader responsibility at a Fortune 500 company.

Coyotes Howl for Mobile Playbook, Hope it Bolsters NHL Playoff Chances

Whether your favorite professional sports team is ready to provide the best 360-degree sports viewing experience may depend on how tech savvy they are in house, and the Phoenix Coyotes appear ready to take a leadership role in that department. Often an NHL also-ran,  the Coyotes already have on their team Paul Bissonnette, who scores few goals but is the NHL standard-bearer for Tweets @BizNasty2point0.

Now, the NHL franchise is preparing to distribute playbooks, scouting content and other confidential team information to Android smartphones and iPads.

The Coyotes have signed a deal with Malvern, Penn.-based Modevity, which is best known for its work in the banking and life sciences industry, to distribute sensitive content to team members and management. The data will be encrypted to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.  And while it may seem unusual for a professional sports team to be using the same platform used to distribute financial data to investment bankers and genome information to medical researchers, team officials are optimistic.

“Modevity, LLC has created an innovative product we will implement to improve both our on-ice and off-ice performance,” said Phoenix Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney.

Modevity’s technology could play a big part in the 2011-2012 NHL season, as the Coyotes’ have playoff hopes.  The team is 2-1-1, good for third place in the NHL Western Conference Pacific Division. The Coyotes will distribute its information as a Software as a Service (SaaS), minimizing the internal resources and capital expenditures the team would need to securely distribute confidential information if it were doing it alone.

Modevity may not be done in the sports world. National Football League teams are reportedly using Modevity technology, although those deals have not yet been announced, and the names of the teams could not be confirmed.