Super Bowl app will have ‘celebrity cam’ as well as Super Bowl commercials

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.31.40 PMThe full official details aren’t out yet, but VenueNext CEO John Paul said that the forthcoming Super Bowl 50 stadium app will have a live-streaming “celebrity cam” to watch celebs at the event, and it will also have Super Bowl commercials available for in-stadium viewing shortly after they are shown on broadcast TV.

Paul revealed the teaser details in a podcast hosted by our old friend Fred Paul (no relation) over at New Relic, a software-tools company whose products are used by VenueNext. You can skip to the 19:54 mark of the podcast to start listening to the VenueNext part of the interview.

VenueNext’s Paul also said in the interview that current Levi’s Stadium app users as well as users of the NFL Mobile app will get a notification sometime soon to download the special Super Bowl 50 app, being produced for the NFL by VenueNext. Though the app is designed for use in the stadium during the Super Bowl, the “celebrity cam” feature should work for fans who want to view it at home, VenueNext’s Paul said.

And while Paul talked about how software analytics help VenueNext with the food ordering and delivery feature that is the Levi’s Stadium app hallmark, he did not specify whether or not food delivery would be available for all fans at the Super Bowl. Check back later when we get the official news from either VenueNext and/or the NFL.

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