AT&T adds 185 Wi-Fi antennas in Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium upgrade

Bank of America StadiumA year ago, folks who run the Charlotte Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium were telling us how much the fans there liked the Wi-Fi network installed by AT&T. It’s possible Panthers fans like it even more now, with 185 new Wi-Fi access points to help improve coverage.

We haven’t talked to anyone in Charlotte this time around, but a press release from AT&T shares some interesting stats about wireless usage at BofA Stadium. According to AT&T, so far this season fans in Charlotte have sent 1.9 million MB across the Wi-Fi stadium network, 50 percent more data than during the same period in 2012. And the in-stadium DAS usage grew even more, by 90 percent compared to a year ago, according to AT&T.

What does that mean for stadium owners and operators? It may simply mean that whatever loads you think you are designing for, design for more. If AT&T and the Panthers had to go from 460 APs to 645 in less than a year, that’s a good sign that stadium Wi-Fi networks are like Fields of Dreams: If you build it, they will come, and they will download.


  1. Great news for Bank of America Stadium. With the Panthers as a legit contender, attendance is certainly up and adding better connectivity will make the live experience better. The growth is staggering, more stadiums must adopt this kind of thinking.

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