GolfGameBook Allows You to Brag in Real Time

It seems that in the connected world Golf is leading the way. You can get a variety of apps and devices that tell you how far from the ole you are, the course layout and what club you use.

Yet just as there always seems the need for a new club, there is always room for an app that does something slightly different, and that is the space that GolfGameBook is seeking to fill as an interactive online golf community for players. The company has just recently updated the app with several enhanced features.

In some ways the app is similar to others, or at least shares similar basic abilities. You can keep score and get stats on your game using the program, but not just for yourself but you can also include the rest of your group or other friends on that or other courses that use the app.

You can track friends games live at different courses and use the chat feature to comment or use the program to send out invites to your friends for a round. It can design and create leagues and tournaments as well as handle side games. The program stores your game data so you can easily look at past rounds or share them on Facebook.

Available for both Android and Apple iPhones the free app will still face a tough battle in separating itself from the multitude of other apps available relating to golf in the various app stores.


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