Verizon’s Turkey Day Turkey: No Live Games as Promised on NFL Mobile

UPDATE: Verizon Wireless rep Debi Lewis (@VZWDebi) finally got back to us to let us know at noon Calif. time that only the Thursday evening game (Niners-Ravens) would be on NFL Mobile live. To those of you who believed the Verizon tweets from earlier in the morning, hope you enjoyed those NFL Network canned shows instead of live NFL action.

Verizon was promotiong its NFL Mobile app pretty heavily going into Thanksgiving day, promising free live broadcasts all day long so that you could watch on your phone at the dinner table or maybe while making pie. Here are some of the gratuitous promotional tweets:

Why are you thankful for #NFLMobile FREE Thanksgiving weekend? 5 live games? NFLRedZone Sunday afternoon? That it’s FREE all weekend?


Verizon Wireless USA

Who’s gonna win, @ or @? See it FREE on #NFLMobile, only from VZW. Call **NFL to watch. Msg & data rates may apply.


Verizon Wireless USA

But then Green Bay and Detroit kicked off, and woe… no live action to be found. My NFL Mobile app was showing some lame collection of Thanksgiving highlights. And other fans were getting steamed too:

The Packers Lions game is not on #NFLMobile right now… I checked. What’s going on @?



We’ve sent several direct tweets to Verizon wireless reps and the support Twitter handles… but no replies yet. To me the lack of any kind of response or any way for consumers to find out what the problem might be is a social media fail of the predictable kind: Big company (Verizon) takes advantage of Twitter and Facebook as a free way to promote their service or product, but isn’t really “engaged” with the audience to respond in any fashion if things go sideways.

I think people understand that trying to make NFL games appear on a phone is an incredible, hard task. People would be willing to endure mistakes or blips. But only if there was someone to own up to it. Silence is the worst kind of marketing, Verizon.

Anyone else able to see the game via NFL Mobile? Or know if this is some kind of regional blackout thing?

UPDATE 2: Saw this post from Verizon Wireless later in the afternoon on Twitter. Now it’s three games instead of five. What’s next Verizon, no pie?

Why are you thankful for #NFLMobile FREE Thanksgiving weekend? 3 live games? NFLRedZone Sunday afternoon? That it’s FREE all weekend?


Verizon Wireless USA


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