Dolphins offer SunPass electronic-payment parking option for NFL, college games

Artist rendering of the new Hard Rock branding on Miami's stadium. Credit: Miami Dolphins.

Artist rendering of the new Hard Rock branding on Miami’s stadium. Credit: Miami Dolphins.

The ease of automatic electronic tollroad payments is now coming to sports stadiums, with the Miami Dolphins’ announcement of SunPass electronic payment parking options for fans attending NFL and college football games at Hard Rock Stadium this fall.

Like other tollroad payment systems, the SunPass used in south Florida requires a transponder in users’ cars, and that transponder will be required to use SunPass to pay for parking. According to Todd Boyan, the Miami Dolphins’ senior vice president of stadium operations, parking cashiers will have handheld devices that scan the windshield transponder. The SunPass option will be available in the outer lots surrounding the stadium, and fans using the option will have dedicated lanes separated from those paying cash or with credit cards.

Fans using the SunPass system will also get a discount on parking fees, with amounts varying per game. According to Boyan, for Dolphins games the outside lots are priced at $40, but will only cost $25 to fans using the SunPass system, a $15 savings. For University of Miami games at the stadium (which was recently renamed in a reported $250 million sponsor deal with Hard Rock) Boyan said the discount for SunPass users will likely be either $5 or $10, depending upon the game.