Can Become the iTunes for Fantasy Sports?

In a move expected to be announced at this week’s Fantasy Sports Conference in Las Vegas, is going to open up its fantasy sports game infrastructure to independent developers, in an effort to perhaps become the iTunes of fantasy sports.

Reported by the Sports Business Journal Daily,’s move is a bold one in the largely secular world of fantasy sports, where almost every provider has traditionally tried to keep customers to itself. Unfortunately for fantasy players that often means that if you play in different leagues on different platforms you must maintain separate lists of teams, passwords and logins, an especially tough task if you are trying to access your league info on a mobile device.

Theoretically, by opening up its fantasy infrastructure could build an iTunes-like ecosystem where third-party developers could create applications that blend the player environment either with new over-the-top apps (like ones that allow fantasy players to talk smack to each other) or with apps that might let a player access teams from different fantasy platforms in one place. Just like under iTunes, developers will share revenue with on a 70-30 split, with 70 percent of associated revenue going to developers and 30 percent back to

MSR favorite developers Bloomberg Sports and StatSheet are part of the first wave of partners, according to the SBJD report. Here’s a money quote from Bloomberg head honcho Bill Squadron:

“This effort by CBS connects directly with the vision for fantasy that we also have,” said Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports. Bloomberg will enhance its Front Office fantasy baseball and Decision Maker fantasy football applications using the fantasy data. “Having this level of deep integration is going to be very helpful.”

Here’s the Wall Street Journal take on the announcement.

New Mobile App Gives Fantasy Football Owners the Ability to Track Multiple Teams

Now all scoring and action available at one place on your phone

A new app from PRMtime Fantasy Apps could be a lifesaver for serious fantasy football owners who are often on the road by providing a single program that encompasses a range of information on their teams, regardless of which sites they are located.

The app is not designed to be an all-in-one stop for owners that need to change lineups or make roster moves but rather it enables them to follow how their teams are doing, who is earning them points and other data that relates to wins and losses across a range of leagues. It covers not only your teams but your rivals as well so that you can always have an instant snapshot of where you stand.

The advantages of such a program are pretty obvious. Sitting at an airport trying to watch a game with 67 other stranded passengers is a pain. Looking up how each of your players and teams is doing is that pain magnified by 10. A one stop shop for information not only on your own team but your rivals eases the problems of following multiple teams and also helps prevent your battery from going dead. Managing the team is something that should always be done prior to kickoff so the lack of those features is not a real issue.

Created in a partnership with STATS LLC the app is called PRMtime Fantasy Football Mobile Live Scoring App, a snappy name if I have ever heard one. While the initial release is designed to be used by owners in NFL fantasy leagues the company said that it will be expanded to cover college football in the near future and from there a variety of additional sports. Also look for mobile and desktop versions of the program sometime in the future.

Designed for Internet-enabled phones the Fantasy Football Mobile Live Scoring App is available for Android at GoogleMarketPlace, for iPhone at iStore and for all other web-enabled phones head to PRMtime’s web site, for instructions.

A user heads to the site, creates a league ID, logs in all of their teams’ rosters and other members of the leagues. Caution should be used to ensure that you have the correct scoring features so that you can get accurate updates. The initial app is free and for an additional $4.99 live scoring is included with the information provided season long by STATS.