PGA promotion enables fans to select tour pairing


It often seems that fans want to be part the action, it pretty much does not matter which sports (OK not too much in ones such as boxing and MMA) and you often see fans run onto the field such as with Hank Aaron’s historic home run.

Years ago baseball innovator Bill Veeck had a game where the fans could call plays during an actual MLB game, something MLB quickly put an end to. Now the PGA is taking a page from his playbook and is allowing fans to select a pairing at a tournament.

The PGA Tour has announced that fans will be able to select a pairing in the first round of the 2014 Hyundai Tournament of Champions via votes between now and the end of the year.

The vote, which takes place on the’s Social Hub to determine who will be paired with defending champion Dustin Johnson for the first round. The Tour is offering three choices so no write ins please. The choices are 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott; 2012 FedExCup champion Brandt Snedeker; or six-time PGA TOUR winner Matt Kuchar.

The Hyundai Tournament of Champions returns to The Plantation Course at Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii from Jan. 2-6, 2014 and the pairings, or should I say winner, will be announced the day before the event tees up.

The PGA says that it believes that the “Hyundai You Pair the Pros” event will result in a deep engagement of its fans to the tour, and that makes sense. It provides an additional level of rooting interest during the round as you can watch to see how the player you voted for does.

It sounds as if this might just be the first of many social media driven activities that the PGA plans on launching this season, and it will be interesting to see how well fans embrace the events.

A Foodfight comes to Minor League Baseball


For fans of minor league baseball there is now a contest for them to sink their teeth into, a competition that will seek to judge which MiLB ballpark has the best concessions in a social media driven contest sponsor by Major League Baseball’s Advanced Media arm.

The #foodfight contest will include 160 minor league ball yards and will have four different, and pretty clear, categories. They are: Gut Busters, Hogs ‘n’ Dogs, Local Legends and Scrumptious Sandwiches and voting can be done via Twitter or at the web site.

For Twitter users use the #foodfight and include the nickname of the team that is selling the food that you are voting on. You can also visit to vote for their favorite food item in each of the four categories.

You can vote early and vote often since there is no limit to the amount of times that you vote. But do so soon since the first round of voting ends next week on the 29th. The next day the final round of voting will start and run for one week with the winner announced on June 6th.

There is the potential for participants as well with a sweepstakes that includes all of the voters. The winner gets a trip to the ballpark with the winning food item and includes roundtrip airfare, accommodations, game tickets and other prizes.

If you like ball park food, visit the MiLB site to see some of the offerings that are eligible for votes. It sure has gone a long way since hot dogs and cracker jacks were the standards.

Contest Could Get You into PGA Championship


The 95th annual PGA Championship is the last major of the season and will be held this year at the Oak Hill Country Club up in the Town of Pittsford, NY and the PGA is holding a contest that could allow you (if you win) access to the course.

On the face of it it looks simple, which always means that it will be much tougher than I imagine. The contest is called the PGA Championship Reporter Contest and all you need to do is tell the PGA why you should be reporting from the links for that event.

The PGA is looking for three criteria in an entry. They are quality of entry, originality of entry and number of votes that the entry receives. The PGA’s rules do not tell what or how votes are accumulated.

From the entries there will be ten selected as finalists on May 13, of which four will make the cut. Each of the ten will then create a one minute video that has you explaining why you should be the person selected for the event.

The four winners will be announced Thursday, May 30 and will have the privilege to report from the Oak Hill Country club during PGA Championship week, August 5-11. The PGA emphasizes that this is a voluntary position and that it does not provide any compensation aside from course access.

If your entry is not selected you can always consider other contests that accept written essays such as the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. Just do not use “It was a dark and stormy night” I am pretty sure that it has already been used.