Citrus Bowl taps Mobilitie for stadium DAS

The Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium, which is undergoing a massive renovation, will have a distrubuted antenna system (DAS) deployment from Mobilitie when the facility re-opens, sometime later this fall. According to a press release Tuesday from Mobilitie, the neutral-host deployment will be part of a $207.7 million reconstruction of the Orlando, Fla., facility, which originally opened in 1936.

While its namesake event has been known as the Capital One Bowl since 2002, the plan behind the renovation is to remake the Citrus Bowl into a new-era stadium complete with party decks, suites, and of course improved cellular connectivity, all necessary items if the facility is to succeed in its goals of attracting neutral-host football games, bowl games and other large-scale events.

We will try to get an interview with the Citrus Bowl folks to hear more about their connectivity plans, but for the meantime here’s the prepared statement from the press release:

“When fans come to the Citrus Bowl, they expect an all-around amazing experience,” said Orlando Venues Executive Director Allen Johnson. “We understand how important it is for our fans to stay connected, so we took the steps necessary to make their wireless experience just as important as the event itself. We selected Mobilitie because they were willing to tailor the DAS installation to meet our needs specifically and to design a neutral system that all wireless carriers can connect to, ultimately providing a spectacular wireless experience for all who attend.”