Honda Debuts Aha, Vast Sports Programnning Options Including Olympic Content

Honda has introduced its new in-dash connectivity system. In addition to music and news options, the system provided by Aha will offer vast sports programming choices.

Available via a smartphone application, the system will act as a “conduit to a wealth of cloud-based media,” according to Aha.

Content is pre-selected via the smartphone app. It’s controlled via voice commands and as well as in-dash and steering wheel-based controls after your phone is connected.

Honda’s also developing an EV-centric version of the service, which will be available in upcoming versions of the Fit EV and Accord Plug-in Hybrid. The apps will be available for both iOS and Android.

According to an Aha spokesperson, sports programming in 2013 Honda (and Subaru models, soon), will include mainstays: ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Deportes, SI Olympic and podcasts from partners such as CBS, Shoutcast and NPR.

Addditional niche sports programming will include: Puck Nuts, Download The Line, Surf Talk Radio and Poker Road among other content. During the Summer Olympics, sports Twitter feeds will be curated and featured.

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