SensoGlove Provides Digital Feedback to Golfers

I love sports gadgets, even ones for sports that I no longer play such as golf, hence the attention to issues such as watches that tell me where I am on the course or ski goggles that show me how high my last jump was.

I have somehow missed the digital golf glove called SensoGlove from a company called Sensosolutions, based in Aachen, Ger. The glove addresses an issue that can plague golfers, well aside from just about all aspects of the sport, but this one has to do with grip, both placement and pressure. The glove is designed to provide feedback after each swing.

The feedback is produced by a 1.2-inch LED digital monitor that is connected to sensors that are placed through the gloves. The glove has the ability to provide feedback at speeds of 80 times a second so that you can review your entire swing. It also provides audio feedback as well, warning you that your grip is too tight. I do wonder if this might distract you at an important part of your swing if you are not used to it.

The glove has the ability to show you which fingers are gripping too tightly or not enough which allows a user to adjust their grip accordingly to improve their game. The overall purpose is to relax your swing and so help you get a better drive through the ball and so greater distance.

The gloves, available in June, come in all of the usual sizes from small to extra large and for both men and women. They are available in both left handed and right handed configurations as well. The company said that the latest version, which are available for $89 with existing users able to purchase replacement gloves for $22.48 have a longer battery life and more sensitive sensors that earlier versions.

It is interesting to note that among the testimonials for the product on its site is a pair from Tiger Woods back in his prime. Considering all of the criticism that he has come under this season maybe he should return to his roots and use the products again.