Gridiron Grunts’ ‘Grunts of the Week’ — New Feature for MSR Readers

Welcome to a new feature for MSR readers — a video take from the second-year sports app Gridiron Grunts, which we profiled earlier this year. After starting out last season with voice only, the “grunts” — recorded messages directly from pro athletes’ phones — are now branching out into video, and the great folks who run Gridiron Grunts are going to make some available here for MSR viewers all season long. According to the Grunts web page right now all Grunt content is free, while the company finalizes its pricing scheme for premium “channels” of grunts.

The clip above is a neat compilation video of collected grunts from last week, including a very savvy one by the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch. Watch this space every week for more Grunts, or better yet download the app and get grunting on your phone.

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