Michael Strahan Debuts Twitter Video Project: #StraysTakes

Michael Strahan is a busy guy these days — in additon to being Regis’s replacement on one of the bigger morning TV talk shows, today he debuted an interesting Twitter-based project called #StraysTakes. Produced in conjunction with Verizon Wireless and its NFLMobile app, #StraysTakes looks like it will be a series of well-produced video takes on football-related topics from a guy with serious playing credentials and a budding career as an entertaining video presence.

Today’s inaugural episode, posted above, is Strahan talking about being a fantasy football rookie — love his line about why he wasn’t into fantasy before (because he was busy playing football in reality). What is interesting to us here at MSR from a business perspective is how quickly we are seeing a combination of Twitter/YouTube projects surface where Twitter is the promotional/user finding end, and YouTube is the distribution channel. Though it might not be threatening ESPN just yet this combo has a lot of legs when it comes to allowing players, teams, brands and other independent promoters the ability to craft some compelling content, and then find viewers without having to go through any of the traditional broadcast channels.

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