Comcast Subscribers Finally Get WatchESPN Access

Screen shot of ESPNWatch TV ad with the cowboy in the horse trough -- note the disclaimer text.

If you are a paying Comcast cable subscriber, the day of sports freedom has finally arrived — you are now part of the lucky group that is able to use the WatchESPN app to get sports content wherever you want it, on basically any mobile device.

While this does mean that approximately 40 million more Comcast customers can now watch games and other ESPN programming in the horse trough should they so desire, it still isn’t quite the Internet freedom you get from watching events that are served up live to anyone with an Internet connection, like say The Masters or the Super Bowl. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that content must be paid for in one form or another; and since the cable providers pay ESPN a hefty fee to have the channel available for their regular services, it makes sense that ESPN would require the cable-subscription validation in order to consume that same content on other platforms.

Still, I would like to see ESPN offer some kind of separate, Internet-only subscription fee and I expect that someday we may see such a serving. But not anytime soon, because it makes no sense for ESPN to bite the hand that feeds it so well. For now.


  1. I think this could be an awesome app, but the author is right that access to live events like the Superbowl and the Masters would be better. I think it would better to have a single app with access to any channel then the current trend which seems to be an app for every channel or network. For now I think I will stick with my Dish Remote Access app. A coworker from Dish and I like to go fishing on the weekends and I bring my tablet along with me so we can watch the Rockies play live. There may be a few games available on the ESPN app, but most of my Rockies games are on one of my local channels or a regional sports network so the ESPN app wouldn’t work. I stick with the app that works on any channel.

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