Google Glasses a boon to Sports Fans and Bettors?

Google has publicly displayed its Google Glasses, officially called Project Glass following several months of rumors about the technology and what the company intends to use it for. The answer to that question is that the Android powered spectacles are to be used for augmented reality, the company has said.

If you are like me that term really does not mean much on its own but the basic purpose of the glasses is to give users access to information via superimposed graphics without needing to stop whatever activity you are engaged in. Say projecting a map to a destination on the glasses while driving.

The advantage of this is pretty obvious, no need to stop and look at your phone, a map, or the person next you saying turn left while pointing right. The danger is just as obvious; you take your mind off the task at hand and become too intent on the displayed info.

The company is not really saying too much about what they will do in detail, when they will be available, how they will operate and a host of other pieces of information that would be interesting. There is a posted video that shows people chatting via the devices as well as doing a number of other tasks while wearing the glasses.

But think of it in context of a sports fan. You are at a basketball game you can look up the history of the two teams, the high school and college stats of the stars and both coaches’ win/loss records, all without missing a second of the action. It might even be able to explain the rules of cricket to you while watching a test match, but that might be asking too much.

Or imagine you are in a sports book at a casino you can get real time information on weather, injuries, and a host of other factors that might influence your actions. Wait, casinos get that information as fast as anybody else you say. Well twitter seems to be beating news services on a range of breaking news, and the minutes or second lead time that you gain could make a difference.

Still who knows if and when they will be made available? Over a decade ago I saw a very similar technology demonstrated at IBM’s labs in San Jose, with a full version of Windows appearing in the glasses, and as far as I know nothing ever came of this. Then again maybe all spies now wear glasses.


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