Four Signs Your Bracket Has Gone to Hell

I like the Funny or Die Tournament Challenge Challenged video, even if I don’t know who all the stars are in it. It’s embedded below, so have a watch. Before that though, I can offer four signs that your bracket has gone to hell. Today is Wednesday, when all brackets are shiny and clean. But tomorrow, the carnage starts. And here are some of the reasons why:

1. “Your Team” went one-and-done. Thanks to Colorado’s miracle run at the Pac-12 tournament this year, I am set up for exactly this kind of failure. Had CU not won the tourney, they wouldn’t have been anywhere near the Big Dance. Now they’re in — and fans like myself are considering it reasonable to believe that the Buffs can win not just one, but two games! Here we go! Our boys will shock the world! No, they won’t. Vegas loves you, superfan.

2. Your “upset special” for the Final Four… just got upset. It’s cool to pick a 2 or 3 seed to not just win their regional, but to go all the way to the title game. Butler! you say. Butler two years in a row! you say. I say, there’s a reason for teams being a No. 1 seed. And even if a lower seed does make the move — odds are it won’t be the one you picked.

3. You picked Duke. Even though the Blue Devils are a perennial title threat… it’s a North Carolina year this year. Sorry.

4. Your team’s NBA prospect center apparently forgot to go to class. Shouldn’t they make a rule that tells us about things like this before the seedings come out?

Anyway, enjoy the professional humor below.


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