CrowdOptic Gets Super Bowl Beta for Focus-Based Fan App

The folks at CrowdOptic are reporting a successful Super Bowl beta test of a prototype point-and-join social media sports application, based on the company’s unique ability to “triangulate” the most important things people may be pointing their phones at during an event.

As we’ve reported before, the San Francisco-based CrowdOptic is developing technologies to provide analytics and real-time results from social, mobile audiences. With a small app installed on a phone, CrowdOptic takes info from the phone’s GPS service and its camera, and feeds it into a system that can then provide “Google style analytics” to show what the fans are pointing their phones at.

According to CrowdOptic, at the Super Bowl the company staged an invitation-only beta test of focus-based discussion pages at the Super Bowl Village festival in Indianapolis during Super Bowl XLIV. The triangulation technology used by CrowdOptic allowed people in the beta test to be instantly joined in a live social network with people who were pointing their phones at the same thing.

Here’s the company’s official statement on how the test went:

During the soft launch of the application at the Super Bowl Village, participants in the beta trial said the simple act of pointing a phone was a far more appealing way to join an online following than searching for indexed tags. Users also praised the ability to microblog live with other spectators who share a specific common interest and to move effortlessly in and out of mobile discussion groups simply by holding up their phone or taking photos, as they normally would. CrowdOptic’s core capability is detecting significant clusters of mobile phone users who share a common focus in real time, instantly joining them together online, and creating a common call to action among them, such as an invitation to comment.

Though CrowdOptic has had several other beta-type demonstrations of its technology, using its triangulation features to empower fan-focused discussions appears to be a winning step forward, since the company said it will now make the technology available to its media partners. A screen shot of the beta test technology is below.


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