Mobile Sports Report TechWatch: Solar Powered Cover for Kindle

SolarFlare develops sun-powered e-reader cover
SolarFlare Technology Co. has unveiled the SolarKindle this week at CES, a lightweight cover that features a built-in solar panel right in the cover. Built with a dual charging reserve battery that can get power from either a USB connection or the solar panel the company claims that it can give a Kindle user 3 moths reading time in the sunlight or 50 hours of reading using the lamp feature.

The integrated leather cover requires only one hour in the sun to fully charge the reserve battery to provide the users with days of use. The device was impressive enough that at the show it was an International CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards Honoree

Marvell teams with One Laptop per Child for new tablet
Marvell is unveiling its XO 3.0, a low cost, low powered laptop that is designed for classrooms around the globe. The developer of integrated semiconductors has teamed with One Laptop per Child, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help child worldwide gain access to a modern education, to help its mission.

The two announced that they will start shipping a laptop developed by Marvell, the X 1.75, in March and that 75,000 have been ordered for OLPC projects in Uruguay and Nicaragua. The XO 1.75 and the XO 3.0 tablet are both powered by Marvell’s ARM-based Armada PXA618 system on a chip processor.

Windows 8 Tablet on the Horizon for ASUS
According to a report in Netbook News ASUS jumped the gun on CES by revealing that it has a new tablet that will be powered by an ARM processor and run the Windows 8 operating system in the works. However do not hold your breath since it appears that the product is slated for late in 2012.

In the short term the company plans to deliver a 7-inch tablet possibly named the ASUS Memo and a 10-inch tablet at CES and in a few months will refresh its Transformer Prime lineup with a 3G version and enhance some of its features including a more robust GPS unit.

Sony cuts Tablet S price $100
Sony has cut the price of its Tablet S line by $100 and is now offering five free downloadable “Classic PlayStation” games in its PlayStation Store app for new Tablet S owner. The Tablet S features a 9.4-inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution, a 5 megapixel rear facing camera and a 0.3 MP front facing camera and 1GB of RAM.

The version with 16GB of storage is now $400 while the 32GB version has a $500 price tag. Buyers will also receive a free 180-day trial of Sony’s Music Unlimited service, as well as five free rentals from Sony’s Video Unlimited Services.

Nokia acquires phone OS developer Smarterphone AS
Nokia has apparently purchased Oslo, Norway based Smarterphone AS for an undisclosed sum in a move that looks like it is once again going to be delivering a phone with a proprietary technology. Smarterphone reportedly is developing an operating system that will provide smartphone functionality on lower end hardware, according to BGR.

The company currently offers a lineup of smartphones that feature Microsoft Windows Phone operating system and in the past have offered other OSes including Symbian and MeeGo. So far Nokia has not indicated what it plans to do with the company and its technology.

The move comes at a time when some analysts are predicting that Windows Phone will help revive Nokia’s market share. I have to assume that an analyst from Credit Suisse would have at least had an inkling that the Smarterphone purchase was occurring and so sees this as just a personnel grab by Nokia.

The Green Bay Packers are the latest to adopt tablets for training purposes
The Green Bay Packers have taken to using Apple’s iPads along with specialized software so that receivers can watch game film and look for game trends as well as potential mismatches. The team provides its players with a complete look at how opponents play each possession based on down and distance. I wonder how much of a help this was for a team that tied the NFL record of 51 passing touchdowns this year?

This and that…

Apple, after losing its latest round in Germany has received good news in France and Italy, sort of- judges have refused to block sales of iOS devices.

Microsoft to develop Xbox Live games for rival platforms
Business Insider is reporting that Microsoft is planning on developing apps that will enable people that have Android and iOS products to play Xbox Live games.

According to BetaNews Microsoft and its partners including Nokia plan a $100 million ad blitz for the new Windows phones. Or is it $200 million?

Apple is reported to be preparing not one but two iPads for release in 2012, with the iPad 3 in March and the iPad 4 in October.


  1. The solar cover for the Kindle is manufactured by SolarFocus, not SolarFlare.

    The solar panels powering this solar cover for the Kindle are made by United Solar Ovonics {a.k.a. Uni-Solar}, a subsidiary of the Michigan company Energy Conversion Devices [ticker symbol ENER].

    Great product. Never plug your Kindle in ever again. The sun’s energy is free! And clean!


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