AppStori seeks to self fund App Developers-Microsoft delivers strict App guidelines

I have already said that I enjoy seeing developers apply for funding from Kickstarter, but it has seemed to me that the platform is pretty much device or material oriented. Now an emerging effort is coming on line that will provide a similar opportunity for mobile developers.

Called AppStori, it is a platform that is designed to provide funding opportunities for startups that are developing mobile apps and related technology. Touting itself as a site that brings together mobile enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers it has a self funding model that looks a great deal like Kisckstarter.

The goal is to help eliminate funding as an issue to getting an app to market, or at least getting it a good head start. Aside from the funding aspect there is an interesting twist, interaction between users/investors and the design teams.

By posting questions, comments and feedback on project users can also get early access to software, recognition and other benefits. In addition you can offer to join teams and so it could become in some ways an ad hoc job board for developers looking for projects.

There is no cost to get a project listed but it does need to be approved to be on the site. I think that this will be an interesting site to follow to see what is popular and what gets the final green light by getting the greenbacks.

Speaking of apps it has been reported by the BBC that Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace Guidelines ban content that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content, and that Microsoft plans to take a very stringent interpretation of this rule.

The idea here is to get parents feeling comfortable that their children will not be able to download racy apps without their knowing about it. Apple has a very similar policy regarding apps from its iTunes store.