Verizon sees 4.1 Terabytes of cellular data use in and around Super Bowl

We’re still trying to get an only-in-stadium breakdown but the early report from Verizon Wireless said that the company’s customers used 4.1 terabytes of cellular data directly around the Super Bowl Sunday in Glendale, Ariz.

According to the Verizon stats team this figure includes not just Verizon traffic on the stadium DAS, but also from the surrounding Westgate entertainment district that surrounds the University of Phoenix Stadium, a large mall/entertainment area that also includes the stadium parking lots.

Verizon, which like AT&T beefed up its coverage in the Phoenix area ahead of the Super Bowl, said its data totals more than doubled last year’s Super Bowl numbers, an interesting stat since the University of Phoenix Stadium (~72,000) seats fewer fans than last year’s venue, MetLife Stadium in New Jersey (82,500).

We will have a full stadium breakdown as soon as we can get all the Wi-Fi and DAS numbers we can, but for now here’s a Verizon infographic to chew on in the meantime.



  1. Hi Paul-

    Curious if you know how Verizon is calculating that 3.67B social media posts number- seems impossible for only Verizon users only around the stadium to post so much, given Twitter reported total ~29M tweets and Facebook reported ~265 interactions. Does Verizon release methodology or justification for that stat?

  2. No, they don’t. We typically take all these kind of Verizon stats, especially those in infographics, with a large grain of salt.

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