Sunday Night Football Online — Not Available to Mac Users?

We’re still trying to contact NBC Sports for an explanation, but for some reason we aren’t able to watch Sunday Night Football online using either one of the two Macs we have here at MSR headquarters. It may very well be that we haven’t downloaded the appropriate crappy extra plugins needed, since NBC online stuff is terrible for asking you to add junk to your computer that you don’t want.

And though the NBC Sunday Night football online site says Mac users can use any browser they want, when I use Chrome to try to log in I get a message that tells me I need to use Safari instead.

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 5.46.13 PM

When I switch to Safari, all I get is a blank screen (other than the banner ads, which display fine) and a message that says “For additional features and the enriched Sunday Night Football experience please use your Windows-enabled PC browser and launch the video player from” — which isn’t much help and really surprising in an era when more Mac PCs and laptops are being sold.

Anyone at NBC who can explain what’s going on? Maybe we can get it figured out before the weather clears in Seattle, where play is delayed?

QUICK UPDATE, 9/17: Just spoke with an NBC representative (more info coming in separate post) who said that streaming IS available to Mac users, but only with Safari browsers. Check back for a longer post with some technical guidelines — not sure yet but guessing my inability to see live video even in Safari (which some other readers also experienced) is probably due to my using an older version of Mac OS or Safari. So: Macs aren’t shut out for SNF, but they are definitely second-class citizens now, in part no doubt due to the deal signed earlier this year between the league and Microsoft. NBC, for example, can now only offer its extended features (multiple camera angles, social media stuff) to Microsoft client devices; wonder what other restrictions the shield agreed to for Microsoft cash?


  1. I am having the exact same issues with my Mac. Thanks NBC…funny how for the last two weeks there were no issues and now when Microsoft gives you some money for add space there’s an issue. Wow!!

  2. I’m getting a blank screen. Really stinks that they are blackballing mac users from streaming sunday night football. I hope they croak!

  3. Same story here. I’ve tried everything including downloading a new version of Silverlight, which I think is necessary, or it was last year.

    Nothing works…I get a screen with a picture of the stadium and the message about “additional features”.

    Man, I thought the era of Windoze only was long gone. Why can’t they make this work for Safari?

  4. I mean, seriously, this is 2013, haven’t the NBC IT techies tested with Macs?

    Worked fine last year.

    I work in IT, if this problem was my fault I’d just go ahead and slash my wrists in anticipation of the pink slip.

    Or maybe Microsoft just paid off NBC…

  5. Pause adblock if you have it running. I was getting the same errors and when I paused adblock (in Safari) it worked fine.

    • Do you mean pop-ups? Had them blocked, unblocked, no help. Where is adblock? (Can you tell I don’t use Safari much)

      • I just checked, I don’t have adblock installed. So it’s not that. Are you able to see the live video on a Mac? Can you tell us what system and OS (since it’s clear that we are all going to have to do our own troubleshooting here)

    • Worked for me, thanks kyle, im working on my iMac 2012 and i just went to Menu: Safari: Preferences: Extensions and disabled safari.

      microsoft = evil
      Apple = mostly evil
      Commodore 64 = best ever

  6. I originally opened this up in Chrome in an attempt to use my Chromecast. I then saw that it wasn’t compatible with that browser and tried to open it up in Safari and have had the same problems as everyone else. Completely ridiculous…Between this and directv online it’s been a very frustrating day of watching football.

  7. Worked for me after turning off adblock, thx for the tip

  8. Bob Muhballzich says:

    PHUCK hugh! I’ll never usa a microshiite product as long as I live! Keep your 4 and a half hour football games!

  9. I watched last year on my mac and iPad. Now neither work. Major fail NBC.

  10. I also got it to work by disabling Adblock in Safari

    Preferences > Extensions then uncheck “Enable Adblock”

    OSX 10.8.4
    Safari 6.0.5

    I tried a User agent switcher in Chrome and spoofed as Safari and as IE and neither of those worked.

  11. Seems like it is all about AdBlocker (which I love). Disable this and the stream works.

    But wow, does it suck. The quality of the video is much worse than last year. Sux.


  12. Anyone else out there without adblock (like me) and still not seeing anything?

  13. Will there be a resolution posted on this blog if NBC responds to you?

  14. Still not working for me either. Even updated my Safari to the most recent version 5.1.10 from Mac Update.

    Very disappointed with NBC Sports.

  15. NBC streaming football not working on Firefox at all. Wasn’t working on Safari until turned off Ad-Block in preferences as suggested here. Now works in Safari. Still not working on iPad.

    Pretty disappointing about iPad.

  16. This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s four weeks into the season and this still hasn’t been fixed!?! It worked perfectly fine in my firefox browser on the macbook pro for the last two years. WTF NBC?! Don’t they want viewers?

    I do not have adblocker on. I’ve turned off extensions, have all the updates, and it doesn’t work in safari. Just simply a blank stadium with ads.

    • Let me tell you this as a web developer. It’s either Flash or it isn’t. It’s probably Flash because of copyright. NO REASON it shouldn’t work for mac unless they don’t want it to work on purpose. All modern browsers support flash.

      Same issue, opened in Chrome, told to use Safari and it’s blank.

  17. I’m experiencing the same thing. This mysteriously happened just after the Microsoft deal – so slimy – like we needed another reason to dislike Microsoft?

    I now have a message to upgrade Adobe Flash Player.. and did complete the install “Finished” but still get the same message to install the latest version. My iPad, displays the same blank frame of a night football stadium. And the NBCSports iOS app plays all other live spots except NFL… that is forwarded to the same blank frame. This is the app, website, plugin, run around. Does Microsoft think we’ll attribute this to Apple products and go by some crappy Microsoft junk?

    • ggman, I agree it is insanely stupid of the NFL and Microsoft to introduce technical roadblocks like this one. For what? To alienate fans? Just a huge mistake all the way around.


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