State of the Stadium Survey: Come Give Us Your Stats

As part of our partnership with the SEAT Consortium and its SEAT 2013 conference, Mobile Sports Report is currently conducting a “State of the Stadium” survey to get a snapshot of technology deployment at large sporting and entertainment facilities, worldwide. If you or your team is responsible for stadium or arena technology deployments, give us a holler and we will direct you to our online survey site. It’s quick and anonymous — no team names will be attached to results.

All attendees of the SEAT 2013 conference in Kansas City, Aug. 4-7, will receive a copy of the report, as will anyone who participates in the survey. What we are measuring? Deployments, usage and plans to do so in several technology categories, including wireless networks, DAS deployments, digital signage, sports marketing and CRM. Any stadium owner/operator is welcome to participate, along with large-crowd venues like theaters, music festivals, auto race tracks, and anywhere else where large crowds are gathering for entertainment purposes.

If this sounds like you and you want to help out, you can either drop me an email to kaps at, or say you want to be contacted in a comment on this post. The more the merrier, so come give us your stats! Should be interesting to see what we find out.

P.S. — if you are a stadium technology vendor we also have a few limited sponsor spots available for the report. Contact me the same way if interested.

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