Friday Grab Bag: Tablet Sales Continue Strong Growth

Market research firm IDC’s latest study shows that in the fourth quarter of 2012 worldwide tablet sales hit 52.5 million units, a number that represents a 75.3% growth from the same period a year earlier when the industry sold 29.9 million units.

Apple remained the market leader with 43% of the total market share, but saw its position weaken as rivals continue to gain a foothold in the space. Last year in the fourth quarter Apple had almost 65% of the market. Samsung witnessed a 263% sales increase year over year and Asus saw 402% increase. Still Apple’s share is larger than its next few competitors combined.

Microsoft Surface Pro lacking in Storage?
Reports are emerging that the amount of storage available for use in the forthcoming Microsoft Surface Pro tablets will in no way match the amount of storage that is installed, at least in terms of accessibility by users.

According to a piece in The Verge, the tablet, due out on Feb. 9, will have significantly less storage available than will be advertised. Due to the operating systems, built-in apps and a recovery partition, a model advertised with 128GB will have 83GB of free storage. It notes that users can take steps after they purchase the device to open up additional space.

Search engine designed for tablets
As the number and type of mobile devices continues to grow an issue has been growing about how apps designed for one platform perform, or present themselves on another. What looks good on your PC very likely looks poor on your smartphone and the same can be said for tablets.

A new startup called Izak now has a free app that is designed specifically for tablets, both iPads and Android driven devices. The biggest difference is that it has the results in an array

of interactive tiles as opposed to static hyperlinks.

New Apple patent targeted at sneakers?
Have you ever looked at your shoes and not been able to honestly figure out of they were worn out or not? Well if this is an issue for you, have no fear because it looks like Apple has filed for a patent that will provide sensors in your shoes that can tell you just that.

It has developed what it calls a body bar sensing system that tracks movement and so can track how much the shoe is wearing out. Can I calibrate it for my sandals?

Apple loses Samsung sales ban effort
A U.S. appeals court has said no to Apple’s effort to revive the sales ban on Samung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone, telling Apple that it will have to wait until at least a trial that is slated for March 2014 before any such action will be considered.

The full Federal Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed the earlier ruling made by a three judge panel from the same court that rejected Apple’s request for a sales ban.


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