Where to Watch the NCAA Tourney, TV or Online

Here’s the Mobile Sports Report quick guide to watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, either on TV or online.

TV: The games will be broadcast on either CBS, or on one of the Turner cable channels — TNT, TBS, and something called TruTV (channel 65 here on Comcast in the Bay area). You need to check a schedule to see which game is on which network. We refer you to this excellent Deadspin post which has all Thursday and Friday games listed.

Online: Here is where it gets confusing. You can watch all CBS broadcast games for free at CBSSports.com, and Turner broadcasts for free at the Turner websites, as long as you are a cable subscriber. When you click “watch now” you should get a screen like the one to the left asking you to select your cable provider to log in with your cable subscription credentials. Good to check these before leaving for work.

Note: The free online games are ONLY the games being broadcast at the time. If you want to watch something else, you need to get the March Madness app for $3.99.

If you want to watch on a phone or tablet you need to pay $3.99 for the March Madness app, which you only need to pay once and then can watch on multiple devices with the login you create.

COMCAST CUSTOMERS: Here’s a handy schedule of all the games available for streaming. HT to Todd Spangler at Multichannel News for the link.


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