ESPN Scores with 523,000 Online Viewers for BCS

The game may have been a dud for all but Alabama fans but the BCS Championship was an online success for cable giant ESPN, with 523,000 online viewers tuning in via the various mobile and online platforms and devices.

With the regular television audience for the game racking up the second-highest viewer total for a cable program (with 24.2 million viewers, trailing only last year’s BCS game which attracted a regular TV audience of 27.3 million viewers) once again the online audience showed that it isn’t much of a distraction or detriment to the regular broadcast numbers.

Going forward there should be even bigger numbers for ESPN online viewership, now that cable giant Comcast’s customers will be able to utilize the WatchESPN service thanks to a recent agreement between the companies. It will be interesting to see how the college/cable online audiences stack up to the upcoming Super Bowl, which will also be streamed online for the first time.


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