Can We Just Kill the Tim Tebow News for a bit?

Is a third string QB really worth a daily update?

There seems to be one story that is dominating the preseason NFL news this year. It is not the question of if Green Bay can repeat, if the Eagles will play in the Superbowl, or will an NFC West team make the playoffs again with a losing record. No it revolves around a backup quarterback and where he will end up in the depth charts.

Poor Tim Tebow, everybody seems to be kicking him, and he does not even appear to be down. Highly successful and highly praised in college, things are different now that he is in the NFL and the drumbeat of negativity seems to be picking up as he prepares to start his second season in Denver.

His problems started before he was drafted, as most fans know, with industry experts claiming that he had a poor throwing motion, took too long to throw, could not really walk on water, the whole nine yards. They boldly predicted that he would be a mid second to third round draft choice and quickly moved to a running back position.

Josh McDaniels, then head coach for the Denver Broncos boldly proved everyone wrong, at least in regards to draft position, by taking Tebow in the first round. The draft position, his obvious display of his beliefs, his autobiography, his ESPN documentary, the rumor that the Broncos were going to move Orton so he could start etc… all seems to have created a backlash against him.

Maybe I should have waited a few years.

It seems that on a daily basis someone is saying that he cannot make it, that he is failing, and taking great joy in it. The latest is Boomer Esiason, former NFL quarterback who bluntly said that Tebow is not an NFL quarterback, “he can’t play, he can’t throw.” Even the comedy site The Onion has gotten in on the fun, saying that Jesus Christ claims that Tebow is not ready to start in the NFL.

I say, so what? There is no doubt in my mind that he brought some of this on himself, but you look at press stories on him in school were almost all positive, and now the opposite. I neither like nor dislike Tebow. Until he starts for the Broncos and beats a team I am rooting for, or possibly the point spread, I really do not care. Is it really that important to breathlessly talk about every preseason pass? I can barely stand to watch preseason games, and now I am inundated with this crap? Get a life for goodness sake.

I know that this is the NFL silly season, when real storylines are few and far between but I have heard more about him that the Colt’s quarterback situation, the 49ers quarterback situation, the Seahawks quarterback situation etc.. all of which seems to be a a bit more important in the overall scheme of things. There have been plenty of NFL QBs that failed with all of the tools-JaMarcus Russell anyone?-and ones that threw funny, were too short etc.. that succeeded. So lets just wait and see.


  1. Tebow is a massive story. A charismatic College superstar, he’s scrapped his way into NFL playing time. Guys like Ted Hendrick, Jim Plunkett, Emmett Smith and Mike Singletary all had people saying they couldn’t make it in the NFL because of physical limitations, and ended up through sheer brains, willpower and moxie to become NFL greats. The difference is that Tebow is trying to do it in an era of always-available information and ever-present buzz. I am following Tebow news for all its worth.

    And JaMarcus Russell was into the codeine — no different than Lil’ Wayne — and anyone sane could tell you that you can’t adjust to the speed of the NFL when you are into the “drank.”

  2. Tebow did win the Heisman and a national championship — which of course means nothing in the NFL. Can’t even remember the last Heisman winner to actually star in the big leagues.

    But then you throw in the personal side of Tebow’s life which is so ridiculously pure compared to the average University of Miami strip-club attendee persona… and you have a built-in media magnet. Like Brett Favre, it’s too easy for the media to comment on Tebow. To consider the other more complicated club QB situations takes research and time. What we need is more local folks spelling out their team’s situations and less focus on what Boomer Esiason thinks. I mean, I didn’t like Boomer as a player and as a commentator he is B-level at best. So who the hell is he to say whether Tebow will succeed? How many Super Bowls did Boomer win?

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