New Jim Rome Show on CBS: Perfect for Embedding

David Letterman has Jim Rome on as a guest earlier this week.

After watching the debut of Jim Rome’s new TV show on I made the comment that the structure of the show seemed perfect for Internet viewing — it was several short-form segments that seemed tailor made for sharing and embedding. And since Rome is already a king of social media it was my further guess that CBS would quickly make Rome’s stuff available to any Internet site that wanted to share it.

Like, say, this one.

The show is only three days old but already has the show-ending “burns” under the title “Rome Wants” available for embedding and sharing. And why not, since they are forcing you to watch a 30-second pre-roll commercial. Small price to pay, we say. Here’s Thursday’s clip:

Of course us clones who follow Rome know that his radio interviews and shticks are often longer than what he can do in the short space that a half-hour TV show allows, so for radio show fans there is always the Rome Jungle Insider option that gets you podcast downloads and other goodies for $6.95 a month. But with an appearance on Dave’s show to help promo the new show and probably some cameo spots at big CBS events later this year it’s clear Rome’s star is on the rise. And his social media savvy will help him on the climb.

Highlight Hunter Helps Sports Fans Create Video Highlight Reels

Amateur sports videographer? Soccer parent? Career little league coach? Just like to shoot video? All of these, and most of the rest of us have miles of video and for most users, no real skills in video editing so we force people to watch hours of bad film for the few minutes of footage that you are truly proud of.

The ease of shooting video, much like the low cost of digital photos, has lead to a huge backlog for many people who then need a solution to help sort this all out. There are a number of solutions out there seeking to solve this issue for you and one that we just recently bumped into is from Highlight Hunter.

Program helps to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff in videos

It will not actually fix any backlog issue you have but going forward could tremendously ease the task of finding the highlights in the video you are shooting at to edit it much faster, by as much as 8x according to the company.
It is a simple three step process. The first is simply record your video, as much as you want. Taking the example that Highlight Hunter uses, let’s say you record 3 hours of a ski trip of a group of friends on the slopes. The second step is very simple. After any event that was noteworthy you bookmark it by simply putting your hand over the lens of the recording device for one second.

A user then downloads the video into the company’s app and it will automatically create a 30 second highlight backtracking from the one second bookmark. So for a three hour video a user could do all of their editing within ten minutes rather than be forced to watch the entire three hours.

The Highlight Hunter app is available for both Macintosh computers and PCs and can handle video from all digital cameras. It is compatible with most other video editing applications so that a user can add additional features to the program as well. The company also has a free version of the app so that potential customers can give it a test drive.