Frookie Speaks Out: DeSean Jackson Sulk Underscores Game-Day Picture Power

A picture is worth a thousand words, and increasingly during the 2011 National Football League season it is a sideline image that tells the most compelling game-day story.

Thursday night, it was troubled Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson ignoring quarterback Vince Young during an embarrassing, nationally televised 34-14 loss to the mediocre Seattle Seahawks:

Vince Young (left) and DeSean Jackson during loss to Seahawks. Photo from

This isn’t the first time that a sideline image or video clip, perfect for smartphone distribution, has dominated post-game conversation in the 2011 NFL football season. An image of Washington Redskin’s QB Rex Grossman after teammate John Beck threw a touchdown pass had many of the team’s fans questioning whether Grossman isn’t just in it for himself:

Is this a meaningless expression, or the telltale sign of a selfish football player?

Frookie Speaks Out: Media outlets distinguish themselves in today’s sports media arena when they come up with a great photo, video clip, player profile or analysis. In fact, I’m less likely than ever to read a run-of-the-mill game recap on any website other than StatSheet, because StatSheet’s automated approach gives me a cleaner, more consistent read, and all the statistics I need to optimize my sports betting and Fantasy experiences. But, give me a good image or video clip that I can share via a smartphone, and I am all over it.  And share opinion or insight that allows me to contribute to my sports discussions with friends, and I am all over that, too. Just don’t waste my time producing anything less.

On the Eagles:

Frookie Speaks Out: After taking a flyer on Michael Vick and having it work out, the Philadelphia Eagles came to believe they could be successful with any talented player no matter what transgressions they had, or what the Wonderlic Test revealed about their character (or lack thereof).  Eagles fans are paying a steep price for that hubris.  Beginning with coach Andy Reid and general manager Howie Roseman, the Eagles should clean house. Then, they should build a winning team of character, befitting the city and state they represent. In that way, Philadelphians and Pennsylvanians can again have at least one  nationally recognized football team they can be proud of.  That would be the picture-perfect solution.

Finally, here’s a link to footage where the photo of Grossman originated. Decide for yourself whether this is simply an NFL QB hankering to get into the game, or a selfish player you’d be better off not having on your team.