Red Bull Stratos Jump: Second Time a Charm?

Here we go again. The folks behind the Red Bull Stratos Jump are saying they have a green light for a Sunday morning launch, so if all remains windless in New Mexico the world will get to watch live (on the Internet, at this location) to see if Felix Baumgartner can survive what might be the world’s highest free fall. If all goes well, the YouTube window above will start showing the jump attempt around 5 a.m. Sunday Pacific Time. If not, check the Red Bull site for the live link.

We say might because we are cynics and we know how these things could go; the guy could end up jumping from a lower height, say, and they might still proclaim everything a success. Who knew that the first attempt would be scrubbed because the balloon twisted? What will happen Sunday? Who knows. We will be glued to YouTube however, mostly because of the Internet-ness of the moment. For Felix I hope everything goes alright. In case you haven’t heard of this stunt before, here is what they are trying to do:

Baumgartner needs near wind-less conditions at ground level and clear skies to get his balloon inflated and then aloft. He will ride in a space capsule attached to a 850,000 cubic meter helium balloon to a record-breaking altitude of 36,576 meters (120,000 feet). There the 43-year-old adventurer will jump out into the lifeless stratosphere and attempt to break the sound barrier at speeds near 1,110 km/h during his plunge back to earth.