Telepathy One Seeks to Rival Google Glass


We have been a bit remiss in talking about the recent news related to the Google Glass efforts such as they are powered by Android, expected to launch later this year for under the $1,500 price point and that Mark Andreessen’s company Andreessen Horowitz is teaming with Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures to fund startups to develop apps for Google Glass in an effort called the Glass Collective.

That is all nice and good but expect a good deal more info coming out when the Google I/O conference rolls around in mid-May in San Francisco, and that seems like a more appropriate time to do a complete roundup on the platform.

For now we will satisfy ourselves with Telepathy One, a startup rival that was demonstrated earlier this week in New York City by a Japanese inventor named Takahito Iguchi, who demonstrated the streamline device and showed its first apps.

While it comes in a headset like the Google effort it is not glasses but rather an optically projected screen that appears in front of the user. The projector is positioned above the eye in a way that is no expected to interfere with a user’s line of sight. It also features ear buds for audio and currently has a camera and a cellular phone app also in the works and at least partly demonstrated this week.

Unlike Google Glass, the Telepathy One device is being pitched much more as an extension of social media that will enable users to share what they are viewing with friends and family if they have a similar device or have a Magna Camera app on a smartphone.

It will be interesting of a small player can actually challenge Google, or for that matter the other variations of connected glasses that have been emerging over the last year or so, but we can hope that we get a healthy marketplace with multiple choices.

Pricing and availability are not available but the creator said that he wants to sell it for significantly less that the reported $1,500 price tag that Google Glass will have and ship this year.

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